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1 hour ago, High Bridge Pottery said:

For some reason I always assumed black iron oxide sold was FeO because it is black. After some googling people seem to say it is Fe3O4. The only MSDS I can find for black iron oxide says Fe2O3 so not much clarity there.

What am I buying?

I've always taken Black Iron Oxide to be Fe3O4 (Magnetite), and Red Iron Oxide to be Fe2O3 (Haematite).

I'm known to be wrong on a regular basis, however.

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Black Iron oxide is FeO in glaze chem, Fe3O4 in the bag.  Hamada expressed a preference for blacksmith scale and that is proper FeO.

Hematite:  Fe2O3

Wustite:  FeO

Magnetite:  FeO.Fe2O3/ Fe3O4  —  a crystal (spinel) of FeO and Fe2O3.  

Metallic iron is just Fe.

Yellow iron oxide:  FeO(OH).nH2O


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