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Joseph Fireborn

Selling Large Work vs Small Work

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Its much harder to make a living at selling just large work as you have found out already. Having some large high end works mixed with smalls is much easier.

I know some people entering this market who thought that they only wanted to sell high end work (but I'd rather focus on making less work but work of higher quality)

When you do this as you already know you must fine the right venues for this to really work as they are less around and spread out across the nation.

This path for large work to decorators will would work but it will take some time focusing in on the speciality market.

I have a potter friend who sells giant vases covered in lusters (gold silver etc) and sells to Las Vegas hotels and the like.(these are really gaudy pieces) Its a small specialty market and he had to branch out back to craft shows selling smaller works to stay alive.Its the nature of easier to sell smalls than large. 

He was you takes a few large ones to shows and they do sell now and then but its the smalls that puts food on the table.

After looking at your web site I suggest working on your booth a bit.Your work is very detailed and demands higher prices so the booth should also look very professional and clean. I'm not a fan of tables draped in fabrics and A Frame displays. Some nicer display would help you I think. With the detail work the booth should be super clean (white cloth and very light woods colors)

Please take this suggestion as a suggestion and not a dig.

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I have sold work at two different galleries,  one asked for two or three large pieces,  5 medium size and a lot of smalls.  When the gallery closed due to a divorce I had two large pots left and one medium.  The other gallery just wanted smalls and a couple of medium pieces,  when they moved into a new building all I had was a few smalls left.    I gave up the large pieces so my work would be easier to ship when I get around to a starting a internet business.   Denice

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