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Want Just A Little Flux In An Underglaze

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Wanting to make an Amaco underglaze have just a little bit of shiny-ness, but not cover it with a clear glaze.  Have made some cups with a lot of exterior surface texture.  Will be using a liner glaze on the interior as well as over the rim and down about 3/4" inch on the exterior.  Planned to paint the underglaze in the textured area and then wipe off, leaving material in the recesses.


Firing to Cone 6.  


Wondering if adding a small amount of either Gerstley Borate or Nepheline Syenite to the underglaze would do the trick? Or a Frit?


Thanks for any suggestions.

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nairda, any testing you do should include the ease of cleaning.  if a customer cannot get the surface clean with ordinary means, you will have a very unhappy customer.  they are the ones who share that experience with potential customers.


rub some dirt into the surface after you finish fire and see if you can get it off.  oily dirt included.

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