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Mark C.

Clay Brick Factory In Cambodia

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In the pottery area about 2.5 hours outside Phnom Penh there is a very old brick factory.

This country is built on these type of bricks. They are used everywhere for everything . From buildings to walls .They are usually skim coasted with cement after laying them up..This factory is very old the 5 kilns are huge long camber kilns on a hillside-fired with local wood.

Two of the 5 kilns where firing when we dropped by for a look . One woman was lightly stoking one kiln. They mine the clay from river and extrude the bricks  and slow dry in shade and fire -They haul them up hill by hand and load kiln in side chambers-after firing they unload and carry down the hill. I crawled into one empty chamber about 1/2 way up hill and took the photo looking down hill toward stoke hole-these kilns are a few hundred feet long.This place was all manual labor except for a backhoe and power extruder..The clay is brown until low fired to an orange teracota color. All bricks have 4 holes in them.




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