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  1. Clear Glaze Crazing

    I was using Armadillo's Dillo white, but recently switched to their ^5 porcelain and still getting crazing.
  2. Clear Glaze Crazing

    Oh, I see. Thank you so much for explaining that for me. I'm still new to gaze chemistry!! I'll do some tests this weekend and let you know how they come out! Thanks again!
  3. Clear Glaze Crazing

    Thank you so much Marcia, I'll try it! Yes it is from John Britt's book. I don't have the recipes on me but I tried Kitten's clear and Easy E, both of which had a higher amount of Silica. The Easy E didn't seem to craze but was bubbly and milky in spots, and the Kitten's clear crazed.
  4. Clear Glaze Crazing

    I've not been able to find a decent clear glaze that doesn't craze. I'm firing to cone 5, and I'm using a ^5 porcelain. I've done a few of the recipes from the book the Complete Guide to Mid-Range glazes, as well as used a few commercial glazes, and have had zero success. I've done numerous tests with different coats and I either get a clear that is too milky or crazes. It is most frustrating because I do a lot of sgraffito, and need to be able to produce pieces that I can sell, and not toss. It only happens on the bare clay surface, not when it's applied to a black underglaze. Any recipes, or thoughts would be very helpful... I'm not very good with glaze chemistry. Thank you!!! Laurène
  5. To Wholesale Or Not?

    Great! Thank you for this!!
  6. To Wholesale Or Not?

    Thanks for help everyone! Much appreciated! This really clears things up! I definitely need to start timing myself and start working a bit faster. I'm going to contact them and see what we can work out.
  7. To Wholesale Or Not?

    Thanks Roberta, I think I'll give it a try, and as it was mentioned in a previous post, not to go as low as 50% off. I wouldn't know how to draw up a contract though... are the examples online that I could follow?
  8. To Wholesale Or Not?

    This is not a one size fits all question or answer-since you are hand building mugs that means that take lots of time . so a better question is how much time do they take??? Never is it written in stone wholesale is 1/2 price of whatever you are asking. Foe example I have a bottom line that I can and will sell a mug for and it higher than 1/2 my retail my own mug price. Things like location in country also factor in as well as how much detail and time is spent in your mugs I would need to hear how long they take to make-are they especially time consuming glaze? Are these expensive commercial glazes you use or homemade bulk bought material glazes??? Maybe your $30 mug you could whole sale for $20 and still make profit-these are all things that only you know-the more we know the more say I can help you price them. Right now all I know is they are handbuilt. I have never actually timed myself, but if I had to ballpark it, I'd say about an hour per mug - thats assembly, detailing, underglaze for sgrafitto, and handles. That is a very rough estimate. glazing will take longer - I use commercial glazes, and usually blending two glazes, so the drying time takes long... sound 3 hours or so from start to finish if I'm doing about 8 mugs. If I do sgrafitto, I'm not doing intricate designs, so one mug might take me 5-10 minutes. I could try it out wholesale at 65% instead of 50% I'd feel better getting at least 20$ per mug than 15.
  9. To Wholesale Or Not?

    Thanks for your advice! Would you mind explaining what net 30 is??
  10. Hello all, I've been asked by a shop owner if I sold wholesale. I'm still new at selling my ceramics, and never even thought about this possibility. I've asked around, and read the forums on wholesale pricing and whatnot, but I'm still not sure how to approach this. I'm a small batch potter, having had only the ability to hand build until now. She inquired about my mugs, which I sell for 30$. They are slab built, with sgrafitto design on them. That said, it would be hard for me to justify making a bulk load of hand built mugs for half the price. I had one potter friend give me a breakdown of prices, but he is a production potter and sells his logo mugs to cafés etc.... another potter friend told me it would be better to do consignment at whatever percentage the boutique would be willing to do. I'm not sure how many she would like to purchase, but I'm sure a boutique won't be buying 20-50 mugs. I would hate to lose this possibility as this would be my first time selling my ceramics in a shop and it's very exciting!! I've only ever sold at markets and via etsy. She's waiting on me to get back to her. Hopefully some of you experienced potters here could provide some insight to a newbie! Thanks!! Laurène
  11. Raku Troubleshooting Clay + Glaze

    your experience illustrates why raku should not have been called raku in the US. What does this mean? I didn't learn Raku in the US, and am seeing that there are very different standards here. I'm using the B-mix cone 5. Followed someones advice as I'm still looking for a clay comparable to what I was using before.
  12. Raku Troubleshooting Clay + Glaze

    Very cute rakuku! I love your little snails and your chickens!
  13. Leaf Impressions - Inspiration

    I cut around the leaf, they are really pretty, but haven't glazed them yet as I'm still trying to decide what to do and what color to glaze the tea cups. If you have instagram, I have pictures of them on there: Laurene_ashley
  14. Leaf Impressions - Inspiration

    I've been using fig leaves from the garden. Thick and very veiny. I just made about six fig leaf shaped plates with a tea cup, and don't know how to glaze them....trying out some different things, but looking for more inspiration.
  15. Leaf Impressions - Inspiration

    Very nice Matthew! Thanks for sharing! Beautiful ayjay! I like the subtle leaf impression! I will try that! Laurène