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    Crystalline glaze chemistry. Porcelain, Stoneware, Fritware, 04 Colored Porcelain clay research & formulation.
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  1. I am reading a book on clay body formulation from 1959: and the information is relatively the same as in 2017. Why does this bother me?

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    2. GEP


      No, I'm not just talking about aesthetics. I'm talking about materials and processes too. It boils down to dirt and fire.

    3. GEP


      You know what I got a gift a couple years ago? A ceramic knife. Now it's my favorite kitchen knife, lightweight and super sharp, never needs sharpening. I'd call that an advancement for ceramics. Not applicable to pottery making, but the ceramic engineers are busy.

    4. glazenerd


      Callie, in 1933 a potter wrote a small 2 paragraph article for the American Ceramic Society suggesting that SAS formulation would be more fitting for clay. The only reference I have found in many years of looking. Seeing as though I have crossed into the obsessive realm about clay: perhaps going to my corner might be better.

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