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  1. Genesis Controller

    It looks like the latest software 3.18.9 fixes the problems with the controller. David
  2. Genesis Controller

    I bought a Genesis controller as an upgrade to my Bartlett V6-CF. The first firing with it just did what ever it wanted and overfired everything. I called Bartlett Co. and their Technician was only interested in proving their was nothing wrong with the controller, it was my programing. Finally after firing twice more with just shelves and posts and cones in the kiln I pulled the controller and put the original V6-CF back in and fired a load of pots successfully. Today I called Bartlett to return the controller, and was put thru to Dave Bartlett, he said a lot of upgrades had been made on the firmware and would I put it back in and he would step me thru it. This afternoon I called him again and had put it back in. First I had taken down the information on the controller, He said that was the newest version, and after much talking back and forth of what I was seeing, he said he wanted to check one more thing. He talked me through how to get to the PID and the setting was at 1 he said change it to 18 and he thought that would solve the problem. I am now firing the kiln with shelves and it seems to be following the setpoint like it should. This PID setting in my manual says don't change without askiing the kiln Mfg. David
  3. Pitting and pinholing

    Do you have a controller? If so which cone speed profile are you using? David
  4. Bloating And Crazing Issue.

    I am curious as to how the cone is set, it looks like it is laid on something? David
  5. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    If the tip of the cone is not 2" above the clay pat than it would not be reading according to the kiln chart for regular large cones. If the tip is set at 1 3/4" above the clay pat than the selfsupporting cone chart should be used. , these readings are based on 108 F ramp, or 60 C ramp for the last 200 F or 100 C temperature. David
  6. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    According to Orton, a" 1/4 inch difference in mounting height of large cones can cause more than a 1/2 cone difference in bending when the same cone is heated." David
  7. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    This does keep the angle perfect but, it is still critical for the tip of the cone to be 2 inches above the clay surface. David
  8. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    Since your T/C's were in protecting tubes than all that black stuff must still be in the tubes. I would remove the protecting tube and shake it out to be certain. David
  9. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    Also make sure the thermocouple hits the end of the protecting tube. David
  10. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    Joe make sure that the height of the cone is set to 2" above the clay pack and is at the proper angle. An easy way to get the 2 " is that the crossbar of the Orton symbol is exactley 2 " to the tip of the cone and will be at the top of the clay pack. David
  11. Upcoming 300th Firing - Kiln Repairs

    I use an Omega 1/4" diameter Type K, in their High Temperature super Omegeclad protecting tube. Go to www.omega.com, go to temperature than to thermocouple, go to product finder and look at (*) QXL. The one I use is KQXL-14G-7 @$35.00 The -7 is custom and 7 inches long. Standard lenths are 6 ",12",18" I get way over 150 firings, and when they fail it is immediate because of the small gauge wire in the protecting tube. David
  12. Go to www. Lagunaclay.com they sell sample kits of different clays , this is a great way to decide on the clay that fits your likes. David
  13. Updating kilns

    I use one controller for 3 each 2 zone kilns and just plug in the the power to the kiln I want to use and plug in the thermocouples for the kiln I am going to use into the controller . I use the thermocouple plug in connectors from Omega.com. The only draw back is the possibility of forgetting to change the thermocouples. The contoller usually will come up with an error signal of FAIL and shut off the kiln if this happens. I have been using this set up for over 5 years now. David
  14. firing schedule needed

    I think that you can follow Min"s program by using the first time ramp as a slow ramp from ambient to what will get you to 200 deg F, (2 hours 10 min from ambient of 75 deg F gets to around 200 deg F) than the second time ramp to get you to a temp you will set in the program, than the next two time ramps to get you to the bisque temp you will set in the program. In other words you don't have to use up your 2 setpoints for temperature right away but can use ramp rates to get to blind setpoints. David
  15. I know it is a bad time to think about your problem, but you are mixing different base glazes together when you double dip. You could probably get the same effect using the same base but changing the colorants. there may be times that you have a Custer base and than a G200 or Nephline Sye base on top of it, for me this would invite trouble. There is no reason why you are stuck with different bases to get what you want. It will require some color testing but both glazes would be compatable. David