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  1. I have used a Bluebird Pug mill for the last 30 years or so..............love the pug mill...makes clay that is a wonderful consistency! Not to hard..soft, ready to throw. I always wedge this clay as it is just not ready for use without a bit of wedging. Pugged clay is not as good for hand building...wonderful for throwing and in the extruder for coils added to feet. Nancy Zoller
  2. Bird Plate with Cobalt

    Years ago I traveled to England and visited Seth Cardew's studio....this bird plate has such a Cardew influence...did you study there??? Love it!
  3. Pitcher

    Thanks for your lovely comments! Love the description "little red kiss"....that is what it is for sure. Pitchers have always been difficult for me...always learning after many years w/clay!
  4. Pitcher

    From the album Current work 2015

    Pitcher fired cone 10 reduction Glaze: Penland Celadon/Recipe C Tan/w red
  5. Current work 2015

    New work in a new year!
  6. Olive Dish w/leaves

    From the album Current work 2015

    Boat Shaped Olive dish w/rolled leaf pattern. Cone 10 reduction fired Recipe C tan/Dk. blue Celadon layered glaze.
  7. Leaf Platter

    From the album Current work 2015

    Hand Built Leaf Platter Fired cone 10 reduction Glaze: Recipe C Tan/Dark Blue Celadon layered
  8. Large Woven Platter Seafoam

    From the album Current work 2015

    Large woven platter fired to cone 10 reduction glaze: Seafoam Green
  9. Just having a new website designed on WordPress...hoping this one will be easier to manipulate myself, more personal! Appreciate the Potter's Council helping me "connect"

  10. Zoller Nancy "Pieces Parts and Wholes"

    Featured Artist Show at Trimble Court Artisans Ft, Collins, Co, Month of March 2013