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  1. I would like to press sand onto the surface to cone 06 clay before bisque firing. Can I create a sand-like surface this way?
  2. New Kiln Buyer

    Thank you for all of this advice. I am looking at a Skutt KM818. I have a 40 amp 240 volt outlet ready to go and it sounds like working with at least cone 5 or 6 would be worthwhile over low-fire.
  3. New Kiln Buyer

    I have enough power for a high temp kiln, but I am not sure which is the best clay to work with, the low- or mid-fire. In the past, I have only worked with high- or low-fire. I don't know that much about mid-fire.
  4. I have heard about a ceramics show in January of 2013, but I cannot find information about it.
  5. I am planning to purchase an electric kiln, but have never used a kiln myself. Which is better for a home kiln, low fire or medium (cone 5)?