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  1. I use cone 04 glazes from small (4 oz) jars. The glaze tends to dry out and when I try to thin them with water some are so "gummy" that they are almost impossible to thin. Any suggestions?

    1. GEP


      Norm35, try posting this question as a new thread in the Clay and Glaze section. More people will see it there, so there's a better chance you'll receive good answers.

    2. oldlady


      norm,  Kim Kirchman did a workshop last spring showing how to use the tiny bottled things as flat,  dry pats of color in a large    plastic palette.    she puts the entire bottle out in a deep depression in the plastic and allows it to dry.  when she wants to use a color, a simple spray bottle of water softens the pat of color. she lets it dry out again.  the brand names of what she uses are amaco velvet underglaze and stroke and coat glazes.  i am not familiar with what you are describing but bet it would work the same way.  


      look for the photos i posted then.

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