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  1. Frankiegirl

    Clay choices

    This is a great topic, and one I think lots of people can learn from. The easiest thing to do would be to stick with that one you liked. To go apart from the class, I would start with sourcing local clays first, as apposed to clays that are simply locally available. Some clay manufacturers/distributors can even give you 1lb. samples to test before you commit to a large order. If you are ordering large amounts, some manufacturers will even mix custom clays for you! Read the clay descriptions to help narrow your selections and make sure the clay is going to do what you need it to do and look the way you want it to look. Then, as Neil said, test them out. I also think clays with a narrower firing range work best and I think going to the top of the range yields the best results. So if it is a cone 8-10 clay, fire at cone 10 for best results.
  2. Frankiegirl

    New Element Diagnostic Results

    I would start with basics - checking the wiring. If you have a new kiln and the elements are getting power, it eliminates that as your cause, unless the elements are wired for a different voltage. Even a licensed electrician may not check that the voltage of the kiln is compatible with the service of the building. If you are not sure, you can get a multi-meter for under $10 to check.
  3. Frankiegirl

    Extruder dies

    What are they connected with? I need these in my life
  4. Frankiegirl

    Will Ilmenite Work At Cone 6?

    Great idea! But I bet this would only work with the powdered, not granular.
  5. Frankiegirl

    raising my wheel

    Only going up 6" and the bailey already has cross braces. The bailey wheel with extenders I have doesn't use them and I have been using it for years. Very sturdy.
  6. Frankiegirl

    raising my wheel

    Nice. Thanks! I saw the Pacifica extender is much cheaper. Anyone tried it on a bailey? My thinking is that for the short extensions, the inner tube dimension is really the only factor because frame shape would be irrelevant except if I needed the braces.
  7. Frankiegirl

    raising my wheel

    I have that on my other wheel as well, just the shipping is the same cost as the legs so I was hoping to find alternatives.
  8. Frankiegirl

    Will Ilmenite Work At Cone 6?

    Yes it works at cone 6 just fine. I have used the granular. Very nice variations, distinct speckes.
  9. Frankiegirl

    Has Anyone Tried To Glaze Pieces Of Coral?

    If you want shiny color maybe enamel?
  10. Frankiegirl

    raising my wheel

    Are the Brent booties compatible on other wheels or does anyone have plans for DIY extensions? I need to outfit another wheel. It is a baileys
  11. Frankiegirl

    Kiln Venting Not Enough - Need Help

    Using wax resist. Just fired a kiln load yesterday and no fumes - no kiln smell. Guess those new vent tubes I installed really made a difference! I saw a thread about someone using this product: https://www.mcmaster.com/#53145k67/=16d6at Anyone have experience with this product? The metal ones from the hardware store only lasted a year, and obviously needed to be changed sooner than I did. So, perhaps I should change them every 6 months if I go with those.
  12. Frankiegirl

    Kiln Venting Not Enough - Need Help

    I have a big warehouse with excellent ventilation. The vented air goes out of a cinder block wall with no windows. The door would not allow for air re-entry unless it was opened. I keep it closed during firing. The wax hypothesis is exactly what Bailey said. It does seem to stop after about 6-700F. Could not letting my glaze ware dry before firing be causing the issue? Maybe I need to let them sit overnight? Perhaps it was that my vent was just badly deteriorated and replacing the duct pipes will solve my issue?
  13. Frankiegirl

    Kiln Venting Not Enough - Need Help

    Just checking, and this may seem a dumb question but, there is supposed to be a small gap between the outside of the kiln and where the vent hose begins. Correct? I assumed it was for additional air intake but maybe I have this wrong? Kilns both pass match test. I used a lighter and flame is pulled inward.
  14. Frankiegirl

    Kiln Venting Not Enough - Need Help

    I will start closing both kiln lids and plug holes in kiln not in use when I use the damper. That may help some. Holes are in the lower back walls, per Bailey installation instruction, and they are clear and open. It really could be a number of small tweaks like these to get me where I need to be.
  15. Frankiegirl

    Kiln Venting Not Enough - Need Help

    Checked the hoses today and all looks tight now. I replaced some that looked corroded. Will try the match test. Using a Bailey 7cu ft and l&l 4cu ft. Vent is a Bailey. I connected them both with kiln-tech support from both kiln manufacturers.

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