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  1. claygram

    Test firing my new kiln

    i do not have a "modern controller" but what if something goes wrong with it or you set it wrong by mistake -- or does that not ever happen?
  2. that is not my profile feed--i have never sent a picture--maybe  someone  sent theirs to the wrong place by mistake!

    1. High Bridge Pottery
    2. oldlady


      that photo is from one of my albums.  i do not think i did this, if so, it is a mistake.  do not know how to fix it.  sorry, who knows how to fix this?  alice

    3. claygram


      thanks oldlady--as long as you don't think i "adopted " it.   when i saw it i wished i had a nice set up like yours for my craft sales!!  i have not had a camera since digital hit the market and do not have a cell phone (or a tv)--but i do have my pots to keep my mind and body working--life is good!!

  3. claygram

    Glaze wash-out!!

    earthenware clay cone 5/6 ???
  4. claygram

    Collaborative Work

    thank you for showing your experience--you must all have had a wonderful time
  5. claygram

    Engobe And Glaze

    i agree--beautiful finish!
  6. claygram

    California Wildflowers potbelly mug in teal

    you have your own style--they are lovely bright happy pots--and doesn't nature put all her colors together without worrying !
  7. go for it joseph -- you can commute every day so no hotel expense! have a friend who traveled almost three hours each morning so she could manage a wood firing workshop. listen to old lady.
  8. John After finally managing to read through the papers describing in great detail the Japanese Tea Ceremony (and I will say it did take a very long time!), I will never feel quite the same when I pour the boiling water over my tea bags or pop it into the micro wave. Such a wonderful world we share--many thanks. Ginny
  9. John I have just returned from visiting your exhibit at Thayer. I am a fortunate one who lives only a twenty minute drive away and had been looking forward to it. I have not words to describe it--I went by myself and was the only one in the gallery ( it was around noon) which made it perfect. All I had to do is look and absorb for as long as I chose -- all these beautiful jewels -- the gold lining sure surprised me! So many looked as though you had just plucked them from the earth as they were growing there! Thank you for the once in a lifetime opportunity. sincerely Ginny
  10. claygram

    Handbuilt Fox Head W/hat Wip

    Cavy So good to see you again--miss all your beautiful work and think of you often. Best wishes in your new work--certainly looks awesome to me!
  11. claygram

    Attic Studio?

    i suppose no different than carrying buckets of water down to my cellar and back up to dump outside--been doing it for almost 30 years--we potters make do!
  12. what a clever idea! I still have my 50-year old machine and it is like new. Made clothes for myself, my children and quilts for my grandchildren and so much more. then i found pottery ...maybe will try a few of these for fun--thanks mark.
  13. loved reading about your north country fair--thank you--ginny
  14. Besides throwing so well, I love the very tiny specks that give it more life than just a plain white and my glazes look better on this clay than on any other that I have used ( and there were very many that I tried over the years). I make simple utilitarian pots and I am not good at drawing or painting so I like the few glazes I use to give them appeal. Good luck with your search. Ginny
  15. Nancy I liked it at first but then handles would crack where they were joined, round bowls would come out oval, but the most annoying was pieces of the foot ring or flat bottom would stick to the shelf--all during the glaze firing. Did not stay with that long! I very much like Laguna #55. I have used it often over the years and is the only one I use now. I like using a clay that I don't have to be fussing with...but I always make sure it is very dry....the extra time is so worth it. Ginny
  16. claygram

    Need To Step Up Production

    my work space is in my cellar and for 25 years i have been using buckets to bring water down from my kitchen and back outdoors to dump it. i find i use very little water to throw and do not mix glazes in more than five gallon amounts. i am not a "production" potter, but do make enough for a few craft sales which clear my shelves and make room for more. a few years ago i had a web site ready to go but after giving it much thought, decided i would really hate taking orders and shipping. guess i work at a different pace than many and really enjoy the customers. best of luck in your new endeavor and remember to make that which you enjoy--i found nothing is worse than trying to make what somebody else wants....takes away all the pleasure. sincerely ginny
  17. Mea--Congratulations and best wishes for a great show. Ginny
  18. claygram

    Canadian Cermaics: Make And Do

    lovely site--lots of beautiful work--best to everyone!
  19. claygram

    Specific Gravity For Glaze

    I am probably mistaken, but it seems to me that so many asking about sg don't seem to understand that it is different for every glaze and how each potter likes the way it looks on his or her clay. One potter may like a certain glaze a bit on the thick side for his clay and another might like the way the same glaze looks quite thin on her clay. They will find a sg that works for them There is no hard and fast rule for what each glaze should be--I have changed the sg on some of my glazes when I have changed the clays I use...please correct me if I am wrong or if I have not expressed this right. Also remember to keep your liquid measurements very accurate...sometimes just a few grams can make a difference. ginny
  20. claygram

    Community Challenge #4

    joseph--awesome pot and beautiful colors
  21. claygram

    Holes In Collanders

    have made them with many different clays--just cut leather hard clay with hole cutters -- different sizes and patterns--never a crack.
  22. claygram

    Wood Duck Mug Wip

    so beautiful - like all your work. best wishes for your improving health. ginny

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