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  1. I want to point something out (mostly for @shawnhar) that the ones who don’t mind newcomers selling their work are the ones who have blazed a successful trail and understand that this doesn’t affect them. And we can still remember that we broke in at ground level too. @LeeU, I’m not trying to minimize you by disagreeing with your opinion. I’m trying to do something very different, which is to explain that this idea (newcomer work lowers us all) is a statement of fear, not of reality. It gets passed around in art classrooms and clubs, but in the real world it disappears with a quiet puff. You are on the verge of sticking your toes in professional waters, and I have the same feelings of welcome for you. I’m proud of you for trying this, and I want you to succeed. I’m trying to show you a better mindset for succeeding.
  2. @LeeU I can agree to disagree. From what I’ve seen, there is no such thing as one a piece of pottery that represents all of us. We are all individuals, making individual work. The world does not see us as a collective entity,
  3. $30,000/year with $5 pots is 6000 pots per year. Is that realistic? I make about 2000 pots per year, and trying to lower that number this year to be easier on my body. @Mark C. might be making 6000 pots per year, but keep in mind he’s been doing this for 40 years. That kind of speed and skill cannot be gained quickly.
  4. This is a myth, it doesn't actually work this way. The opinions of the customers who are buying the good-quality professionally-made pottery are not affected by the newcomer work at all. They can see the difference. If anything, the newcomer work makes the professional work look better, because those types of customers can see the years and thousands of pots in between. People who cannot perceive the difference are not who professional potters are trying to please anyways. So, newcomers, welcome and go for it!
  5. Personally, I don't think this hurts you in any meaningful way. The only problem is the embarrassment you might experience when you run into these pots years later. My mom has some of my beginner pots in her house. I wish I could steal them and throw them away. It's not the quality that bothers me. It's about being reminded of my hubris in once thinking it was a good pot. But although it makes me cringe, my mom is still proud of the potter I am today. So really the only problem is my personal embarrassment. I would advise you that selling your work in a low-end consignment shop is not going to lead to a meaningful income. This is the only real issue I see in what you're currently doing. Starting out there is fine, but you should strive to move up and out of that level.
  6. This thread does not break the forum rules. Folks are allowed to express negative opinions here, as long as they are not defamatory, harassing, or inaccurate. For the purposes of fairness, I do think that when other people share positive experiences with the same company, those opinions should be allowed to stand, without argument, as well. Continuing to express a negative opinion over and over, trying to convince others to change their mind, is maybe a step too far (not in terms of forum rules, but in terms of courteous forum use). @1515art if you’re ordering online anyways, there are so many other suppliers to choose from. A simple solution to the problem you experienced.
  7. GEP

    Confusing Glaze Result

    @Joseph Fireborn fwiw, I have some brand new boxes of Red Rock that I got in mid March. It appears to be exactly the same as before.
  8. This person is a moron. I'm glad facebook has a process for reporting an infringement. This event must be really cheesy, if they can’t use their actual exhibitors in their marketing.
  9. From their facebook page, I found their email address. I am PMing it to you. Yes, that is very low of them to use your image without permission, for an event you are not affiliated with.
  10. GEP

    Choosing a name

    “Arctic Table Lamp” Combined with the photo it conjured up the sense of something that feels cozy during a snowstorm.
  11. GEP

    Choosing a name

    @terrim8 I really liked the name you used for them on instagram last night. You seem to have deleted the post, but anyways I thought the name was perfect. The words “white” “speckled” and “holes” can be included in the description.
  12. GEP


    I have a BlueBird. I really like it, but it does not meet your need for an easy-cleaning pugmill. It’s best suited for someone who only uses one claybody (like me).
  13. GEP

    Help with drying

    Try covering the pots with fabric. It will slow down the drying but not as much as plastic. Try different thicknesses and fabric contents. They will all yield different results.
  14. GEP


    I have an older Bailey ST. At one point it developed what I would call a “wobble.” The design of the wheel is very simple and I was able to fix it myself. There are two set screws that hold the shaft tight in place. In my case, both of them were loose. We had a rare earthquake I think that’s when the problem started. Tightening up both set screws solved the problem. In the years since, the problem has not returned. I wrote a blog post about it. http://www.goodelephant.com/blog/that-little-sob This is something you easily try on your own first. If it doesn’t help then I echo oldlady’s suggestion to take a video and contact Bailey.
  15. Thanks for this tip, Sharon! I just linked my instagram with my FB page, and shared a post in both places. You’re right, once the link is setup, it takes no extra time at all. I don’t always want to post the same things to both places, but when I do, now I will do it this way.
  16. @alierainy123 As far as I know, gallery comments do not need to be approved my a mod. They should post right away. Can you provide more information, did you try it and find that it didn’t work?
  17. I use MailChimp to store my customer’s email addresses. I’ve been using it for years now and I’m very happy with the service. I use Quickbooks for bookkeeping. For everything else, I use spiral notebooks and pens. I’ve never felt like the amount of work I’m producing, about 2000 pots per year, is worth tracking on a computer. Plus, the laptop lives in another part of the house. It’s too much trouble to fetch it when I want to take notes, and sometimes my hands are too dirty to use a computer anyways. The notebooks are in the studio, and don’t mind getting dirty.
  18. @DirtRoads The link doesn't work for me either. I get the same error message that Chilly sees. Maybe there is a typo in the link?
  19. (Moving this topic to the Clay and Glaze section)
  20. GEP

    jury slide measurements

    Yes you should include handles and knobs and spouts. If my piece has a different width and depth, I give the larger number to width, and the smaller one to depth. So for a teapot with an overhead handle, I'll say 8"h x 6.5"w x 5"d. Which is the opposite of what you're doing with width and depth, but I honestly don't think it matters. The second one is correct. For a tea set with four cups, I'll give the dimensions for the teapot only. Then, in the space that Zapp gives you for a description, after I describe the photo I say "Dimensions given are for teapot only. Price is for entire set." I used to try hard to be precise but lately I realize you only have to provide a general sense of size, so that something tiny isn't mistaken for giant or vice versa.
  21. For me, inventory packing and gear packing are two different things. I wrote and long and pedantic blog post about my approach to inventory planning, for anyone interested in reading it: http://www.goodelephant.com/blog/the-real-nitty-gritty As for gear packing, like Mark I try to unpack as little as possible, so that packing is just to replenish consumable things. Things I keep in the minivan: canopy, canopy weights, tables, tabletops, tablecloths, curtain walls, banner, shelving unit, shelves, chair, ladder, wheeled cart, and sometimes the box of track lighting parts I have a “large gear box” and a “small gear box.” These come inside with me after a show so they can be restocked. Things I pack in the large gear box: 15 large bags, 80 medium bags, 60 small bags, plate stands, wood blocks for leveling, small bungie cords, extra tie down straps just in case, silk flowers for the display Things I pack in the small gear box: receipts, artist cards, artist card holder, calculator, pens, scissors, small logo sign, price markers, small whisk broom, tiny shims for leveling small things, small tape measure, first aid kit, tiny pot of white paint in case my display gets scuffed and needs touching up When I put these two boxes back in the van, I add a few more rolls of wrapping paper too. Finally, there’s the messenger bag, which I take with me to and from the booth: iPad, Square chip reader, $100 in small bills, holster for iPad and cash, charging cables, notebook with inventory list, email list signup form, small towel, water and food, lip balm, breath mints, tissues, pepper spray. I keep my purse and car keys in this bag too.
  22. Those look like thermal shock cracks to me. Your bisque fire program might be heating up too fast. Can you post your firing program here?
  23. This is a feature we used to have before the big software update of last summer. And now it’s back! If you are an “Advanced Member,” which means you have made 30 or more posts to the forum, you can change your title from “Advanced Member” to anything you want. Go to your Profile, then click Edit Profile. You’ll see the field which is now editable. You may have noticed that some members have custom titles, while not being able to change your own. Those with custom titles changed them before last summer. But now the feature is available to all Advanced Members again. If your rank is still “Newbie” or “Member,” you will gain this feature when you reach 30 posts.

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