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cone 6 Faux Celedon

^6 faux celedon ^6 carved porcelain

cone 6 Faux Celedon

Selsor Faux Celedon ^6 Oxidation

Whiting 18.5
Neph Syen 25.8
EPK 18.8
Silica 31.1
Gerstley B 4.6
Copper carb 0.3
Mason #6600 Black 0.02

    Is this a satin surface? It's hard to tell from the photograph...
    Yes, but it is easy for it to go shiny if a little hotter.
    Marcia did you do a test with more colorants? Is this porcelaineous clay?

    It is on ^6 Frost

    ^6 oxidation faux celedon