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    I am a retired nurse and nursery owner. Finally!!! arrived at a point in life with time to renew my lifelong interest in ceramics, kindled in high school. After purchasing my first wheel, I've graduated to buying a kiln and now begin the learning curve of firing my work at home rather than in a studio. Look for lots of requests for info from me. I have found the forums to be inspiring and so informative!
  1. the bottom was left unglazed with enough room at the foot for glaze to run down. I could dremel a hole in the bottom to be on the safe side but thinking the unglazed bottom might be enough to make a difference?
  2. Hello everyone! I have two large closed form pieces. I made a pinhole in each prior to bisque firing. I have now glazed them but despite waxing the pinhole, I can't locate it. I'd rather not wash all the glaze off the piece to find it. I can't remember if it is necessary to have a small pinhole when glaze firing to prevent explosions. It would seem the glaze would eventually cover it up during the firing process anyway? Thanks for your replies.
  3. Thanks so much! Nice test tiles. I think this is a good solution
  4. I think I have that one, if not it's easy to get. Thanks Min
  5. These are all great suggestions! Thank you
  6. I have tried using stains in the past but can’t seem to get the right color. Guess I’ll just keep trying
  7. Happy New Year to All! I'm trying to come up with a goldenrod or deep yellow-gold colored glaze (gloss or matte) that will work at cone 5/6 in oxidation. I'd like to achieve the color without using stains but am open to all ideas. I'm using it on white stoneware. I'm new to mixing my own glazes and have a library full of books on glazing but can't seem to find a recipe that I like. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!
  8. Thank you Min. I will definitely sieve the glaze then measure the specific gravity.
  9. Great input. Thank you! I mixed 1000g of this batch so not too much to toss out if I can't fix it. I'll try the sodium silicate as that's what I have available.
  10. Thanks For the feedback. I didn't sieve this one Shame on me but it didn't seem to need it. Gonna try adding more water. I don't think I added too much bentonite
  11. I have a glaze recipe that gelled??? in the bucket. I am very new at making my own glazes so I think gelling is what the problem is called. Right after I restir and try to use, it sort of clumps together (flocculates?) in a slimy mass. I am wondering what I can add that will correct the problem. I have sodium silicate on hand. Here is the recipe, perhaps I should change the recipe instead of adding something to correct it? Thank you in advance! Dolomite 5.85 Gerstley Borate 13.37 Whiting 8.10 Zinc Oxide 3.90 Custer Feldspar 44.39 EPK Kaolin 4.88 Silica 19.51 100 add: Zircopax 10 Granular Rutile 3 (added to create speckles in the glaze) Bentonite 1
  12. Thank you for your helpful comments! I'm firing in oxidation ^6 for most of my work. I might give it a try in my B-Mix clay body next time then see what happens when I use a matte white glaze.
  13. You always have such helpful information! Thank you
  14. I'd like to try adding ilmenite to some of my existing cone 6 glazes - especially my matte white glaze - to get a speckled effect. Will I get the effect I want or does ilmenite have to be fired to cone 10 to melt completely? Thanks everyone!
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