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    I am a retired nurse and nursery owner. Finally!!! arrived at a point in life with time to renew my lifelong interest in ceramics, kindled in high school. After purchasing my first wheel, I've graduated to buying a kiln and now begin the learning curve of firing my work at home rather than in a studio. Look for lots of requests for info from me. I have found the forums to be inspiring and so informative!
  1. Thank you so much! That’s exactly what I needed to know. I bought the kiln new 4 years ago so no previous owner. I’ll post a couple of pics. The kiln is in a different location from where I used to keep it. The reason I noticed the gap is because the location is dark & I could see the glow Of the elements through the gap. thank you again
  2. Hello all! I have a Skutt KM 1222-3 kiln. Recently, I noticed a gap on the left side of the kiln between the lid and the body of the kiln. When I hold a straight edge across the inside of the lid, it appears to be slightly bowed or warped. I've got an email into Skutt but since they are backed up I may not get an answer right away. Here are the questions: 1. How much will a gap of 1/8" - 1/4" affect my glaze firing? I've already bisque fired and the 04 cone didn't bend all the way but it seems to be more like cone 05 and I'm okay with that. ( I also replaced the thermocouple because
  3. Thank you Min! I'll look at my schedule again and give it another go. I have a glaze called "Robin's Egg" from Mayco. Not sure why they don't have info on firing this glaze. It turned our very matte and none of the crystals melted despite the fact my cone's were bent just as Coyote describes. But each company is different so I'll reach out to Mayco. Thank you for taking the time to research.
  4. Hello all, I'm not having great success getting crystals to form when firing. I've tried several crystalline glazes from Mayco and Coyote. I have an electric kiln and currently use a cone 6 program with 5 ramps. The top temperature is 2175F with a 15 minute hold. Then on the way down: 500F/hour to 1900 with no hold then 150/hour to 1450F. The kiln then cools down naturally to room temperature. Any suggestions? Thanks for your feedback and advice
  5. Thank you! Your info is always spot on and much appreciated!
  6. Thank you! I always value your replies! This makes me more confident.
  7. Hi All! We just moved into a new house and unfortunately, I can't set up my studio yet. I have my wheel set up outside and can make things but have a question about bisque firing. I can set up the kiln outside but can't attach the vent kit yet. If I'm firing outside and the lid and bottom of the kiln have holes in them as required for the vent, would there be sufficient air movement through the kiln to remove the nasties during bisque fire? I don't think I'd chance it with a glaze firing because of the way it could affect the glazes but wonder if I could get by without the vent for bisque.
  8. the bottom was left unglazed with enough room at the foot for glaze to run down. I could dremel a hole in the bottom to be on the safe side but thinking the unglazed bottom might be enough to make a difference?
  9. Hello everyone! I have two large closed form pieces. I made a pinhole in each prior to bisque firing. I have now glazed them but despite waxing the pinhole, I can't locate it. I'd rather not wash all the glaze off the piece to find it. I can't remember if it is necessary to have a small pinhole when glaze firing to prevent explosions. It would seem the glaze would eventually cover it up during the firing process anyway? Thanks for your replies.
  10. Shelly M I have two earthenware pieces already glazed and fired to ^05 that turned out poorly. I want to reglaze and refire them (^05) but don't have any other low fire pieces to put in the kiln. Can I put these two pieces in with my BISQUE fire load of cone 5-6 pieces and fire them to ^05 along with my bisque? Or will the speed (slow) of the bisque fire and the organic matter that burns out of the clay affect the low fire glaze?

    1. bciskepottery


      You should be okay firing them.

    2. Pres


      I have done it many times when running mixed levels of cone 06 and cone 5 in HS during the first few years. No problem-put the cone 05 glaze on top shelves.

    3. Shelly M

      Shelly M

      Thank you both!



  11. I am looking for a white slip recipe to use on a red earthenware clay body. Any suggestions?

    1. Evelyne Schoenmann

      Evelyne Schoenmann

      Hi Shelly, would you please post your question in the "Clay and Glaze Chemistry" part?! I am sure you will get answers more quickly there. ;-)

    2. Shelly M

      Shelly M

      thank you. still getting the hang of how to use the forums.

  12. I had a small test tile melt glaze onto the shelf. I was able to chisel most of it off but there is still a small amount of glaze adhered to the shelf. Can I kiln wash over that 1-inch spot or does every bit of glaze have to be removed?

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    2. Biglou13


      Grind as much off as you can like^^^ she said. Grinder is cheap @ harbor freight.

    3. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      I seen a guy put a corn on the cob on a drill and grind the kernels off with his teeth... don't do this. Do what Marcia said

    4. Shelly M

      Shelly M

      thank you all for your replies. guess i'll be grinding away!


  13. I am a newbie and just bought my first kiln. I am getting ready to make test tiles from the various clays I'll be using.. Does anyone have a favorite test tile design they like that can be hung on a pegboard after the finished product is achieved? Photo appreciated and thanks for your feedback!

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    2. Pres


      post a question in the top right search box for the whole formum and you should see at least one recent test tile strand.

    3. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Welcome Shelly. Hope you stay and have fun with all the great people here. Potter's Council is the best place to learn about pottery making. So make some post on the forums and you will get a ton of help. HVD

    4. Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Mark (Marko) Madrazo

      Welcome Shelly and Happy Valentines Day.

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