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Ferric Chloride 4

Ferric Chloride 4

    Those pots are all very special. Congrats! Keep us informed about your ferric chloride achievements please. Evelyne

    Beautiful pots Marc. Congrats! Keep us informed about the ferric chloride achievement please. Evelyne

    thank you Evelyne. 

    I just shut off the kiln on another couple pieces. 

    I've been experimenting with the addition of copper carbonate and salt to the ferric process.

    stunningly beautiful, just love them all

    OH MY GOD. OH. MY. GOD. This. THIS AMAZING POT. If it wouldn`t kill me, I`d EAT IT!! I`m rolling around, flapping my hands. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! Just divine!! ^_^

    Why thank you so much Guinea! You're a peach.