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Thomas Stuart 'revolution' Anyone Have One?

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I am shopping these wheels, and trying to decide which one to order. The Revolution, which is a 1/2 hp, is powerful enough for me.


Problem is, I can't find out how much floor clearance there is below the motor, and whether I can safely cut off the non-adjustable legs to lower it the 1 1/2" I need to be comfortable. I know the 1hp 'Premier' doesn't have any extra clearance, but I can't fiind out anything about the smaller motot on the 1/2 hp.


Yes, I have the maker. Their tec had trouble understanding what info I needed. I found a dealer that had the even smaller 'Legend" in his showroom and he obligingly crawled under it and measured the clearance, 3", plenty to cut off, but that 1/3 hp motor is too small for my needs.


I know I can built a platform around it that raises me, but I hate to go into $1,000 item with that sort of messing around.


Does anyone have a 'Revolution' they can measure under for me? I would order this today if I could get comfortable with the floor clearance issue.smile.gif New wheel, hooray!

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