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Hard Paste Porcelain Question

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I just got home from viewing a collection of Tsarist dinner wares made in the 1800's from hard paste porcelain.

I noticed small ding on a platter showed up black rather than glassy as I would have expected.

Is this just centuries of grime?? The person in the room was not really a porcelain person so did not have an answer.

Any ideas?

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First, one of my favorite books is Janet Gleeson's "The Arcanum" , the discovery of hard paste porcelain fictional/historical.

I think what may have caused the black in the porcelain may be a strong colorant being absorbed. Sarah Jaeger used cobalt and copper sulphate for some of her decorations. I tried it. The colorants can penetrate all the way through the porcelain to the other side of the piece. Strong stuff.



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