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Coconut Oil

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I got me a bottle of that Removable Wax Off Resist. When it arrived, bottle was full of stiff goo and little bit of really smelly liquid. I removed the cap and attempted to stir that stuff, hoping it turn in to u-tube perfect and usable liquid. Never happened.

So, e-mailed the shop who sold it to me. Nice people. Told me, they had made a mistake by shipping this crap when it was cold outside. Mmmm... what? Never mind. Got my money back and never reordered when it got warmer.


For stripes and stuff, you can probably use candle as a pencil and draw glaze free areas on the pot.

Shellac will do the trick too.

If you find something that works and is available in average supermarket/hw-store, let me know.


Maybe floor wax?



Problem with oils is that they spread out and sink in... Stick with wax

If you can not peal it off, it makes no difference, unless oil spreads out. Maybe someone has tested with oils. No idea.


I think you need something that can be easily made more liquid, if needed for finer lines.

White carpenters (woof/paper) clue? Cost almost nothing.

We use that white wood glue to clue tiny wads of "clay" under the pots when doing wood firing.

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PeterH, thank you. Good ideas. Got plenty of crayon grease pencils lying around the house (kids, you know).
Basically, everything that burns off clean, repels water and can be applied with out force (without disturbing the previously applied glaze) is fine.

Hmm.. spraying WD40 through a masks?  LOL  :)

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... and I in my limited experience the only way to get a good edge on 2-part naked-raku resist is with

a peeling medium (e.g. latex, masking tape, ...). Otherwise the upper [glaze] layer is too close to the

clay you want to leave bare. Regards, Peter

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