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Weight/size Charts?

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Here is the chart from my studio. Not every pot has a weight or dimensions yet either because I havent made them yet, or have them jotted down on other little slips of paper. The measurements are taken from numerous "points" on each pot style and may not be easily translated to another since I know where I measure each pot. I throw pretty thin work, but I think its durable and has a nice balance of durability and "feel". Some pots arent measured and just thrown as big/small/light/heavy as I can/want them. The list is always growing, and being amended as pots are experienced, but this has served me well for the past 8 years. I hope you can read the image. Just copied and pasted from Excel where I made this chart. image.png.cc34b549a5a1e9b0ec16eeba1449a329.png

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12 minutes ago, cstovin said:

I understand the average weights of clay for a 12oz mug; but given a very general / usual mug; fairly straight walls, etc - nothing fancy - how tall and wide is the average 12 oz  mug before firing?

Depends on the clay you use.  Maybe 3.5 x 4.5 ish for my clay body?  I'm not too sure, I just eyeball it and set a guage

You could take a mug that is 12oz and a shape you like, and just reference it and add 10ish percent (whatever your shrinkage is).  

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