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Hi Mak, 

Welcome to the Forum!

Are you more interested in
  application and techniques
  or theory, materials, recipes?

For theory, material and recipes, I've found Tony Hansen's website DigitalFire.com to be very helpful, also threads on this Forum.
I'm using a few recipes from Bill Van Gilder's book, Wheel-thrown Pottery.
See also Hesselberth's website (archived here: Tested Glazes | Frog Pond Pottery (archive.org)) and the book he and Ron Roy wrote, Mastering Cone 6 Glazes.
There are many threads on recipes here as well. I'm still grateful for the help with my liner glaze that regular members offered...
I've a copy of Peterson's The Craft and Art of Clay, which I found very helpful, generally, and particularly for the explanation of "Unity" and discussion on materials.

Software can be very helpful; there are several choices. I'm using Hesselberth's GlazeMaster.

For pouring and dipping, adjusting the specific gravity and thixotropy of glaze has been super helpful to me, see Thixotropy and How to Gel a Ceramic Glaze (digitalfire.com)
...which made glazing fun!

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