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Is this Kyoto bowl safe for making matcha and food?

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Hi there,

Ceramics question: Bought this bowl in Kyoto but my main concern is if this is actually good to use for making matcha. Was wondering if anyone could identify the producer and year of make or tell me if this could potentially have lead or similar. The bowl was really cheap so I'm also trying to figure out the reasoning behind the price. I also noticed it has the crackled pattern [all similar bowls seem to have this]. Would this be a concern? Also not sure if the box is the original one.

Here's the photos from another website that sells a bowl like this: https://imgur.com/a/n8c4wgk
Here's the photos I took of the details on the bowl:

Thanks so much!

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As long as you only make matcha it will be fine. The seepage of tea into the cracks enhances the pattern. However, don’t use with beverages that contain sugar or milk as these tend to encourage bacteria.

I’m guessing the price was lower because of the cobalt smudge in your first photo, which would make it a second. 

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