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Tampa Bay train through mountains

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4 minutes ago, Fire it up said:

Help please! I’m trying to locate 1994 Tampa Bay mold of train through the mountains… Does anyone know where I can find that?

don’t need the mold just need the bisque of the mold

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Any idea of the manufacturers code for this item?

For example looking through
https://img1.wsimg.com/blobby/go/a473195b-32be-4831-aad8-e122a50bcf46/IN THE KILN CERAMIC GREENWARE-BISQUE LIST.pdf
... but I failed to find more details on the site.

Searching for 183F elsewhere give:

A more general search found this, but without a manufacturers code

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This brings back memories. (Thanks Peter!)

I was a budding moldmaker, in 1991, when I marketed my services to ceramic/paint your own shops all over Minneapolis/St Paul. Coming from a Leach/Hamada orientation it was a shock to the system to see people making such things out of clay. But make they were. One ceramic shop, Judy's Ceramics, had a warehouse full of such molds. A WAREHOUSE! 

I had never seen so many molds. Judy had a thriving business making and selling pieces like this. (She was also a very nice person and supportive of my efforts.)





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