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Red Iron Oxide

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I use RIO to sign all my work. I mix 100g RIO with a small amt of ball clay and Gerstley Borate. This keeps it from smearing when handling greenware and it looks nice when fired.




Try mixing your RIO with Albany slip or Alberta slip.[one teaspoon by eye to 100 g of iron]. It is a dark clay that will bring trace elements with it. I also use black iron oxide as a pigment. It is already reduced and shows up better. Try brushing some over an unfired glaze on a test tile.

As always, test before making a big batch.


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Rest easy about the jargon that gets tossed around here.  I've been using Red Iron Oxide for years and this thread is the first place that I have seen it tossed around as the acronym, 'RIO'.

I use a lot of red iron oxide on carved, relief, and chattered surfaces...and typically wipe off the excess so that the stain collects on crevices/cracks. When I do not wear gloves during this process, my hands get stained (albeit not permanently).  My two cents worth: if applied too thick as a water and red iron oxide mix, it becomes rough/crusty and can act as a flux under high fire conditions with some glazes.



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