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  1. A couple of thoughts on cracking - I do lots of dinnerware and large platters. Years ago I would cut the clay off from the bag, smack it around a little and put it on the wheel (this is circa the 70's and 80's). I never had a problem with cracking. Fast forward to today and if I don't wedge the clay really well before throwing a dinner plate or platter, I will most definitely get some that crack. I resisted this for a long time, as I hate wedging. It is worse with some clays but I find this to be true with all three of the clays I use. So if you are making flat bottomed pieces, it is wor
  2. Thanks Mark for taking the time to provide more input. It is most appreciated. I love the part of the country you live in and have been thru there a few times.
  3. Wow! A lot of great and thoughtful responses to this topic. Here is some feedback from Sedona: 1. We went to Zapp to streamline the application process. We still do in-depth jurying of every application to ensure a high quality show. Zapp is indeed a photo management system. Years ago I ran the Tempe Arts Festival - we used to get 5 slides from 1500 artists for 325 booths - now that was time consuming. 2. A couple of you indicate do a better job of marketing ourselves to artists. Would love to hear any ideas on long these lines. 3. Mark asked about number of atte
  4. My objective in this post is two-fold. I am on the board of the 29th Annual Sedona Arts Festival and we are looking to expand our reach in terms of recruiting artists on a national basis. So my first goal is to reach out to everyone here to learn how you source the festivals that you participate in? We currently use ZAPP for recruiting and application management and are looking for other sources that potter's here use regularly and find successful. to reach out to all the potter's on t Secondly, I wanted to extend an invitation to the folks here to take a look at the Festival and to a
  5. One other thing that has not been really covered on this topic is the dreaded 'burp" from putting smaller pieces directly in the wax at the wrong angle or too fast, I tend to put the piece in at a slight angle with one side going in first and slowly easing the rest of the piece in and then quickly removing it. If you leave it in just a little too long, it actually burns off some of the wax. I let those cool off and do them again. Would love to hear about tricks people have learned over the years on this technique.
  6. I want to go back and reinforce my earlier post. I use hot wax with paraffin based lamp oil in an electric skillet set on warm. This setting is around 150 degrees, so it is not really very hot. `The paraffin lamp oil lowers the melting point and is what allows me to brush the wax on the entire circumference of a 20" platter spinning on a banding wheel in one or two passes. You get a nice clean line and little to no clean up.
  7. There are a couple of waxes mentioned on this thread I am not familiar with - what is bulk prill form and what is soy wax? Where are these found? Thanks
  8. I have used both methods ans find latex wax resist a huge waste of time especially for large bowls and platters. You have to let it dry for several hours, better overnight and you still have to clean a lot of glaze off. We now use hot wax with an electric skillet on the "warm" setting. I never have a problem with fumes or smoking and the glaze comes off very quickly. We also add about 1/3 paraffin lamp oil to the mix. This makes the wax stay fluid longer and easier to apply to a large platter spinning on a banding wheel. I also break up a crayon to add color to the wax if am applying
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