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Tips on how to obtain vibrant colors in pit fire

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Hello All,

I have the opportunity to participate in a pit firing (this is my second pit fire) and wondering if anyone can provide some tips on how to maximize reds, blues & greens. I've done a good amount of research, read articles, watched YouTube videos, but would appreciate input from this community of potters. I am thinking about using an aluminum saggar for some of my pots and some of the usual additives, banana peels, dried seaweed, copper, Miracle Gro, etc. 

And is there a way to add graphics and ensure that they will survive the firing?  



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About the only thing I can think of to add graphics that will stay would be to add decals or underglaze/slip at the usual leather hard/green stage and bisque it on before the pit fire.  It won’t guarantee the ash and other stuff won’t mute or blur them, but that could look pretty cool. 

I didn’t do enough pit firing to be able to dial in specific colours, so someone else is going to have to weight in on that part. 

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