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Cone 6 Glaze firing on bisque ware fired at cone 08

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So… I bisque fired my pots— Highwater Phoenix clay— to cone 08 as I was planning to Raku them. After bisque firing, I changed my mind and decided to glaze them with regular Amaco glaze suitable for cone 6 firing. Will the low bisque temperature result in my pots exploding or disintegrating in my kiln when I glaze firing them to cone 6???

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Hi Nancy and welcome to the forum!

Nope the pots won't explode or disintegrate if you now fire them to cone 6.

I don't know how prone to pinhole issues Highwater Phoneix clay is if it's bisqued to cone 08 rather than a hotter cone 06 - 04, might be fine. Are you using the pots for functional ware once fired to cone 6? If this is the clay you are using it has a posted absorption of nearly 4% when fired to cone 6, as it really is a highfire clay so it will be immature at cone 6 and likely to weep without a really well fitting glaze.

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