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Laser water slide decal printing

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I am struggling with finding a printer and toner that I can use to print onto water slide technology for kiln firing bisque ceramics. I know I will require toner with more than 30% iron oxide, also that the magnetic quality of the toner is more important that the oxide levels, that is as much as I know so far. I believe HP printers are the best for this and am also starting to believe you can't get the printers and toners anymore as they have gone out of fashion? Does anyone have any further good oil? Ingrid

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| Finding details of the iron content, this post & the one following it.


The MICR  market was always a tiny specialised market of very high iron content toner, don't even know if it is currently active. You Australian location won't help.


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MICR printers are most often used for printing payroll or business cheques, although they might have other security based applications. I’m not super sure how common paper cheques are in Australia at this point. I think the best advice is to still check the MSDS sheet for the toner. The lower iron concentrations from regular toner will still show as some shade of sepia.

The toner printers may well have lost appeal for home use. The cartridges tend to be $$$,  can’t be refilled easily or recycled, and the toner itself is not the greatest for organic life. Most of the ones for sale in my area are ink based.

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