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High Gloss Modge Podge and Low Fire Clear Glaze

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Hello everyone,

I am new to bisque firing, kilns and ceramics in general.  I began my first firing in March of this year (2021).

My question is: Can I put low fire clear glaze over a piece of ceramic that has been covered in High Gloss Modge Podge and then fire it in the kiln?  Unfortunately, I painted my ceramic piece and coated it with High Gloss Modge Podge not realizing that what I really wanted was to put clear glaze over it and fire it in the kiln.

Any suggestions?  

Thank you,


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Hi Kittisha and welcome to the forum.

Since Mod Podge is mostly PVA glue plus water I'ld run it through a bisque firing first (to burn the PVA off) then glaze and fire it. 

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Thank you Rockhopper.  I read your response after firing my ceramics in the kiln.  You're absolutely correct.  The kiln burned off my paint along with the Modge Podge.  Looking at this positively, I can say that at least I removed the Modge Podge. :) 

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7 hours ago, Kittisha said:

I can say that at least I removed the Modge Podge

And you've also learned that applying clear glaze over whatever paint you used probably wouldn't have worked either...  On the plus side, if you've only fired to bisque temperature, you can probably start over on the same piece and decorate with under-glazes this time - with a top-coat of clear glaze if you still want to do that.

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