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  1. Hello Bill, Thank you for the clarification. I appreciate it. Now I can move forward with the correct knowledge. Kittisha
  2. Hello everyone, I have a question. Can you apply low fire Mayco Crystal Clear Glaze over a piece of ceramic that's been painted with Duncan Bisq-Stain Opaque Acrylics? Thank you.
  3. Thank you Rockhopper. I read your response after firing my ceramics in the kiln. You're absolutely correct. The kiln burned off my paint along with the Modge Podge. Looking at this positively, I can say that at least I removed the Modge Podge.
  4. Hello Min, Thank you so much for the information. I'll give it a try. Kittisha
  5. Hello everyone, I am new to bisque firing, kilns and ceramics in general. I began my first firing in March of this year (2021). My question is: Can I put low fire clear glaze over a piece of ceramic that has been covered in High Gloss Modge Podge and then fire it in the kiln? Unfortunately, I painted my ceramic piece and coated it with High Gloss Modge Podge not realizing that what I really wanted was to put clear glaze over it and fire it in the kiln. Any suggestions? Thank you, Kittisha
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