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Carbon Monoxide - Electric and Gas Kilns

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After a very lengthy discussion in this thread on kiln vent setup the topic of carbon monoxide came up in regards to electric kilns. There hasn't been a lot of discussion on this so I thought I'ld open the topic up a bit in a new thread. 

University of British Columbia 1996 thesis paper "Exposure to Pottery Kiln Emissions - A Pilot Study to Measure the Vapours and Aerosols Emitted During the Firing Process" by Robert Hirtle 


It's an interesting read. Carbon monoxide bit starts on page 59.


Just going to screenshot the last couple posts from the link above to kick this off.






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43 minutes ago, Min said:

It's an interesting read. Carbon monoxide bit starts on page 59.

Interesting read, thanks. Even though he did not find a tremendous risk I like his cautious summary and recognition that potters applied reason and good practice to stay safe. Also like his general suggestions on exhaust, pretty much consistent with design guidance in North America.

I will always encourage CO detectors though, even though there is usually only a small risk.

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