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Making crucibles for metal clay-Mount Magnet

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Hi Guys

I am wanting to make some crucibles for firing metal clay, commercial crucibles are not deep enough in most circumstances. I am wondering what the best type of commercially produced clay would be for throwing some crucibles that will tolerate some pretty high temp fluctuations and at what temp would you do the initial bisque firing 

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Hi and welcome!

I would check with your local clay supplier to see if they have suggestions about suitable refractory clays that might be used for exactly these purposes. My place gets all kinds of calls from metallurgists, glass formers and knife makers because there are some material crossovers. They might have a line on a suitable product.

(Also, I’m going to rename your question, so that it gets more views and you get the help you’re looking for. Naming your thread with your screen name doesn’t really give other viewers enough information.)

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I use 80% alumina hydrate, 20% talc, and 3% V-gum T. I fire it to cone 10. throwing?- No. Hand formed 3/4" walls. Very low expansion- very high heat tolerance. The talc adds enough magnesium to fuse the materials. A semi-quasi knock off of a cordierite body. You can research "corderite body"- it is what you need for your purposes. 


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