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Operation of a Kiln Sitter - model LT-3K

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I received a kiln sitter model LT-3k, and was wondering if anyone could help me figure how to operate it, as it seems very basic, without the switches I've seen in other similar models.  

Basically, it has a 1-100 dial (1st picture), and a timer and 5 lights (2nd pictures).    

From trying to operate it, I've noticed that when I turn the dial  0 to 20, 1 light turns on, and  2 bottom coils. When I turn the dial  20-30, 2 light turns on, and  4 bottom coils .  When I turn the dial  30-40, 3 light turns on, and  6 bottom coils. and When I turn the dial to 40, all 5 lights turn on, and all 10 coils. 

I couldn't find any information online on how to operate it. Any ideas?   Thank you!






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LT-3k is the model of the Kiln Sitter shutoff device, not the kiln itself. There should be a serial plate on the side of the control box with the kiln information. If not, I'd say your kiln is probably an Evenheat, and I would give them a call and see if they have a manual. That said, that dial basically behaves like if you had individual switches on each element. Start with just the bottom element for an hour with the lid propped about an inch. Then with 2 elements for an hour. Then close the lid and 3 elements for an hour, then I'd just go to all 5 at that point until it's done. The Sitter itself needs a small cone or bar, and set the timer to about 1/2 hour longer than the firing should take (which you won't know until you do a firing).

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