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  1. Yes, it is indeed an Evenheat! I'll try your suggestions. Thank you!
  2. Hello, I received a kiln sitter model LT-3k, and was wondering if anyone could help me figure how to operate it, as it seems very basic, without the switches I've seen in other similar models. Basically, it has a 1-100 dial (1st picture), and a timer and 5 lights (2nd pictures). From trying to operate it, I've noticed that when I turn the dial 0 to 20, 1 light turns on, and 2 bottom coils. When I turn the dial 20-30, 2 light turns on, and 4 bottom coils . When I turn the dial 30-40, 3 light turns on, and 6 bottom coils. and When I turn the dial to 40, all 5 lights
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