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Border taxes. ( sorry just have to rant )

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There was recently a change to US Taxes. When Shipping out of state they have to collect that states tax.

So I ordered a new Skutt wheel and shipped to WA so I could drive across from BC and bring it home. ( courier fees for cross boarder are usually 50-60% of product price)

Even though it was paid with a Canadian Visa I had to pay the Washington tax, of 6.5%. Then when I crossed the boarder back into Canada I had to pay the BC tax of 12%.

Not only did I pay tax  twice on the same item I had to also pay the BC sales tax on the Courier fees and the WA tax, so now in BC we get taxed on tax.

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Ron, by any chance did you say it was for personal not business use? You don't pay PST on items/products for business use. There is a long convoluted form with specific codes etc that needs to be filled out and you need to go through the commercial lane at the crossing. 

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