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firing porcelaine paper clay

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It depends on how thin they are,  the thinner they are the more they are likely to crumble at the slightest touch.  You could probably put a stain wash on it before it dries for some color.  How big are these discs,  I have read about microwave kilns that jewelry makers use.  I ran across one on E-Bay a couple of years ago for $50.  Would you need to use porcelain clay for this project,  hand made paper may me a good start.  You could make your own paper and use some  wood as your mold for the wood texture or buy the paper and try some different techniques.   Denice

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Hi Maga and welcome to the forum. Paperclay is going to be stronger than regular clay in the dry greenware stage but still won't be durable. Depends what you are going to do with the discs. If they are just to put on a wall for decoration and not be touched they should be okay but anything more than that and they will likely crack / chip or slake down if they get wet.

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