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identifying ceramic artist

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Hi, is there a website that can identify a ceramic artist? I purchased these unqiue cups and would like to know who the artist is. The stems look like the are hand carved, but the bowls do not. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you!! Cheryl





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10 hours ago, Walker55 said:

I live in New Hampshire,

Hey--me too (lower Lakes Region)! Consider contacting the New Hampshire Potters' Guild    https://www.nhpottersguild.org/    Use the contact form to ask the Chair to ask the group, or to post it in the next Pot Luck newsletter,  or on their Facebook site.  Perhaps one of the members (not me, unfortunately)  may be of help.  Feel free to come to the next meeting if able/interested-10/28-details on the web.

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