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Low fire or high fire bakeware?

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OK, confused again after some online research about cookware: What's the pro's and con's of cone 10 stoneware or porcelain as compared to  low fire .03-.04 terra cotta or low fire white clay for that matter? 

I thought low fire was the way to go in regards to temperature stresses for culinary purposes, but makes for a more delicate piece in regards to say, dropping or knocking a metal spoon against the rim, and stoneware/porcelain is tough overall but might shatter freezer to oven. Story: one of my mom's Noritake soup bowls at room temp, split neatly in half when I poured near-boiling water into it, so I can attest to this in part. Yet I've noticed online potters generally say their bake ware is high fire stoneware for the most part and that's what makes it so great. Did I get on the wrong boat?  

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