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Community Challenge #5

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Quick shot of some of the final remaining pieces..... Had to change glaze at last minute..... Reds don't pop as much. And this is on a brown clay body, most were on white. A few are darker body. I'll post a gallery link when I get to home computer....


Technique. I wedged then rolled to approx 3/8 inch. Rough cuts made to within 2 inch of final ( larger ones. Would be better at 1/4 if not all at 1/4). I then flipped and ribbed both sides to smooth and compress, Then these spent a few days pressed between dry wall. Then they were cut ( majority)using template, some smoothing of radius at this point. Back to dry wall stack. When leather hard further refinement of radius and corners with scotch Brite pad and fettling knife. I think I lost 3 in green to leather state. Back to dry wall stack, when bone dry slight corrections were made with sand paper... Pieces bisque fired. Final touches with diamond pad. last minute change in glaze..... (Long story) is now vc-71. Some colors are less some new colors good to better. "Paint" is made with approx 9% stain and vc71 glaze, Applied via dollar store. Ketchup and mustard bottles. With VC 71. Red. Is very muted.... But I'm quite pleased with grey and blue grey stains ( not all mason). The color palette changed from tests.



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