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"arthur" Quote To Help Find A Mentor - PC Mentoring Program

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Thank you again to all who have responded to our new Potters Council Mentoring Program! PC Mentoring Program The feedback is very positive. We are truly interested in helping our fellow clay artists by providing a connection. It can get so lonely out there when we need answers! Kind of reminds me of Arthur, in the movie, Arthur....


If Arthur was a clay artist....it may have gone like this:

Arthur: Oh, stay with me, Hobson. You know I hate to be alone.

Hobson: Yes, <making pottery> is a lonely business.

Arthur: Except for <Potters Council Members>.

Hobson: I beg your pardon? Did you say "except for <Potters Council Members>"?

Arthur: Yes... <Potters Council Members> all <make pottery> together. ...they do tend to <help> one another. I often think... <Potters Council Members> must get awfully tired of <helping each other>. What are you thoughts, Hobson?

Hobson: Pardon me...

[rises, removes Arthur's top hat and smacks him upside the head]

If you agree with Hobson that Potters Council Members never get tired of helping each other, please consider helping this Atlanta, GA artist. She is struggling with the decision between art and function, prefers hand building, and enjoys adding in social commentary. She hopes to learn shortcuts and techniques and is very open to instruction and tips. This is a short-term Mentoring arrangement (less than 3 months).


Please quote #803, the Arthur Quote Potter if you are interested in applying. Here is a Mentor Application: http://www.surveymon...ntorapplication If this position fills, we may contact you for an additional match that suits your expertise.


Thank you for your consideration! And thank you, Hobson! Thank you, Arthur!


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