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    well...pottery!, painting, backpacking, theater, and hiking in the mountains

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  1. currently enrolled in MFA Program at Winthrop University studying Sculpture and Painting.

  2. by Lee Ann Harrison - ArtView Studio
  3. by Lee Ann Harrison - ArtView Studio
  4. By Lee Ann Harrison - ArtView Studio
  5. Platter, 04 electric firing, underglaze monoprint and painting, 13" wide and 3" high Artist: Lee Ann Harrison Created: During Penland Session 2010 studying with Kathy King and Paul Andrew Wandless
  6. Worth every moment to see Kathy King work with her beautiful sgraffito, social commentary pottery!
  7. Love your profile pic! Good luck with your "soda cat!"

  8. I knew a medieval lit or religion Prof from Boone. We were in an NEH seminar together. Can't remember his name. It has been 22 years.

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