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  1. currently enrolled in MFA Program at Winthrop University studying Sculpture and Painting.

  2. To all pottery instructors, friends of pottery students and to college students in ceramic.... Time to submit your best of the best for our first annual student competition. We are here to recognize and award our talented potters! Free for all Potters Council Student Members. If you are not a member, register and submit your work asap...in addition, enjoy all of our member benefits designed just for students, including the Potters Council Mentoring Program, Directory and Artist Portfolio listing for increased awareness of you and your work, and discounts on magazines, books, DVD's and more! We look forward to seeing your amazing work! Submit now! Deadlines approaching~~~ Visit this link for more details: Potters Council Juried Art Competition
  3. Please consider helping us with the Potters Council Mentoring Program... We have a handful of Mentees requesting help with business questions and set-up, marketing plans, and general business advice. It will not take much of your time. Do you mind sharing a few tips, answering a few of their questions, helping a new potter/ceramic artist know the next steps to be an artist full-time and make a living in the art world? It is not an easy endeavor. Your advice will carry art forward and help an artist make it in a world that is not as art-friendly at times. You can set the terms of your contact - if you prefer emails, if you like to talk by phone every other Saturday before noon, etc. You can say how long you can help - a month, three months, six months, etc. We just need a moment of your time to help our fellow artists. Please take a look at the program. Please volunteer to help a Mentee. We will proudly recognize you as a Potters Council Mentor and you will be eligible for our awards and more. Info on Potters Council Mentoring Program Thank you for your consideration!
  4. Glad you mentioned film. It reviews this debate and guilt. As artist and parent... I work every available moment - but prioritize children first - and understand that my plan can change at any given moment. I schedule studio time next to basketball games and parent conferences. I require my annual art sabbaticals of intense arts immersions at workshops. I find that these getaways help me define my work and really focus on year ahead of me, review my themes, and work out forms and ideas. The children are precious, but I don't give everything away. I hold onto the art side of me and honor the training and pensive work time it requires. Daily battle of balancing. Daily compromises. ...but also daily happiness and daily fulfillment. Latest compromise...creating art on a theme revolving around being a parent. HA!
  5. To all~~~ It does not take too much time to Mentor. We need people from all backgrounds and with many different specialties. Most relationships are completed through emails. The Mentoring Partnerships are a gift as these relationships provide a one-on-one contact point for a fellow artist. Please consider helping....even if just for a month or 3 months. Your business skills, photographing techniques, portfolio critiques, firing questions, and technique reviews are worth sharing...and we have Mentees asking. Here is a link for more details.... http://ceramicartsdaily.org/potters-council-members/potters-council-mentoring-program/ Thank you again!
  6. John Glick---to ask him a million questions. I am completely okay if he talks with his mouth full! http://www.plumtreepottery.com/ Aggie Zed - her intricate figure sculptures captivate me and I want to chat with her creative mind: http://www.aggiezed.com/Main/sculpture.htm Linda Arbuckle - after watching her NCECA video and since I am completely in awe with her work, I would be honored to spend time with her~~ http://lindaarbuckle.com/ Cynthia Bringle - always one of my favorite people and potters. I think her quick wit and funny comments would make for a great conversation! Plus, I want to see Edwina, too! I will forever be in Cynthia's fan club! http://www.cynthiabringlepottery.com/ Herman Muys - just want to peek inside of his mind and ask him if I can watch him work sometime http://www.artworks.be/gallery.php?language=EN&artist_id=1 Hope everyone is good with a tofu turkey and a special Native American prayer~~ Happy Gathering Day to all! I am thankful for clay and the many gifts of people (famous and not-so-famous) and visual ecstasy it brings into my life.
  7. If you have both marketing and business skills and know how to photograph your artwork...welcome welcome welcome! This Mentee could use your knowledge and expertise. Please let us know that you can help here: PCMP Info and Application Thank you for your consideration!
  8. Do you have skills? Do you know a few pottery techniques? Do you know the Retail Business, the Wholesale Business? Can you help define a business plan? And are you good at sharing form and aesthetics feedback? Please consider helping this NC potter. She is a thrower, enjoys working with Image Transfers and Decals, Alternative Firings and Salt/soda Firings and open to other methods. If you answered yes to any or most of these questions, you can help Mentee #814. Here is the application for more details: Info and application Thank you for your consideration! We hope you can offer a "yes" answer and that you have a little free time to help her.
  9. Please consider helping a fellow potter in AK. She is a thrower, hand builder, into sculpture, tile making, architectural ceramics and more. Her idea is to transition from functional to art pieces. Also interested in mold making, tiles, and learning to throw. If you can guide her, provide feedback on business, forms and aesthetics, undergrad and graduate submissions, please consider joining an altruistic crew of Mentors. She hopes for a 3-6 month Mentoring Relationship, but is open to smaller time frames, if necessary. And if you have a great sense of humor, extra plus, plus, plus! Details on the PC Mentoring Program PC Mentor Application Thank you for your consideration!
  10. I agree with Brenda. The local potters are so gracious and truly enjoy company. If someone is crazy busy, you will be able to judge in the moment. I know you will find open doors and welcoming artists. It is a wonderful experience....share photos or your adventures (and possibly purchases).
  11. "I would be a tiled architectural wonder, like Gaudi's Guell Parque in Barcelona..." Marcia: amazing....fits you perfectly~~
  12. Sculptural, Functional....we choose these lines deliberately as artists. As personified art, I would be functional...touched daily (ha!), "good for something," part of life's pulse and collecting energy with good use and experience. {btw, Enjoying the questions and most answers~~~}
  13. I would bring my very favorite coffee mug by Jeff Brown. It would remind me that artists can find beautiful optimism in any situation by creating. The sgraffito also gives great hand massages after trying to open stubborn coconuts and after ripping off stalks for a hut. Jeff Brown's Website - Pottery for all of your trips to sea
  14. Yippeee! We have good news. A General and Master Mentor reported for duty to help the Mentee! Thank you for your replies and for your interest~~~We appreciate your help and your altruism. Stay tuned for upcoming opportunities or take a look at any open ads to help another clay artist. Thank you again ~~
  15. Thank you for the Mentor responses! We are pleased to announce that we have filled this position. Our Potters Council members are the best! Please keep in touch for other Mentoring opportunities if you have skills, ideas, and help to share. Thank you again~~
  16. Please help Mentee # 813. She needs help with a business plan to follow to make money. She has a small studio put together and is truly ready to make the pottery life a career. Her time line is more immediate needs since she has to make a living. In CT, thrower, sculptor, hand builder, electric and alternative firings. Looking for engaging Mentoring Arrangement with at least 3 points of contact to 6 months, depends on Mentor availability. She is very interested in pulling a formal portfolio together. So if you know how to make money, know how to strategically plan your business model, if you have a good eye for a strong portfolio, and you have a little bit of time to help by phone or by email, Mentee #813 is a great fit for you! For more information on our Mentoring Program: PC Mentoring Program For more information on the work flow process of being a Mentor: Mentor Work flow And to apply to the esteemed position of a Potters Council Mentor, please apply here: Mentor Application Thank you for your help! We appreciate you...and Mentee #813 will appreciate you even more!
  17. Please help this Hand Builder Clay Artist. She has her first local arts festival this month. She is looking for skills and critiques for a short-term mentoring arrangement (up to 3 months)...kind of a pulse check on her art and her steps as an artist. Please review our program here: Potters Council Mentoring Program Please complete the Mentor Application here: Mentor Application Mention Mentee #811, The General (or Admiral) Mentee Thank you, thank you! SALUTE!
  18. Please consider mentoring Mentee #810, The "-ing" Potter. She is throwing, hand building, altering, pressing, extruding, molding, texturing, sgraffito-ing, image transferring, glazing, electric firing, raku firing. She needs help with her art "-ing's" plus Business 101-ing, photo-ing her work, marketing. She has a fine arts degree in printing. She has taken ceramics. She has set up a studio, thinking about the tax id number, and looking for direction. If you are proficient in active verbs (see below if it has been a while since English grammar class) Present Participle To show action occurring at the same time as that of the verb and you are an active potter with skills to share, we can use your help! Please review our program here: Potters Council Mentoring Program Please submit an application for Mentee #810, The "-ing" Potter here: Mentor Application Thank you! And Thanking you!
  19. To all of the positive potters, impassioned with clay and creating. To the clay teachers, ceramic guiders, focused artists: We are seeking a Mentor for Mentee #809. She is a thrower who has a skilled background in porcelain dolls and casting. She truly cares about her work being a part of its owner's life...resonating. She is looking for a Mentor to help with her studio set-up and to help review techniques, ideas, and feedback on her work. She will honor the Mentor's time and be very prepared and positive for the email, phone, or in-person meetings. She is in the Alabama area. Here is additional information on the program: Potters Council Mentoring Program To apply and help our Positive Potter #809, please register by completing the following application: Mentor Application Thank you for your help! We sincerely value your time and your help in our clay community!
  20. It is so funny...every time I go to the world wide web of the googles, the bings, and every other search engine imaginable looking for potters and pottery, I end up with this: Sure, I am a die-hard Harry Potter addict, too, right beside my two munchkin boys...but this time, I really need a Potter, the good 'ole, non-Hollywood kind of Potter to help (of course, you can be a rock-star potter...fame is always welcome). And if you need a little extra cajoling, Harry Potter sends the following message: Will the REAL Potter please help another Potter? Our current potter in need: We have a Mentee who considers herself an amateur potter - thrower, home studio, developing glazes and loves alternative firings. She is seeking help from another potter: skills, techniques, critiques, form review, Business 101. She is hoping for someone to work with her for 6-12 months in establishing a strong Mentoring arrangement. She wants pottery to have more presence in her life. Thank you for your consideration! Mention Mentee #808, the Harry Potter Mentor and please apply here: My link And Harry Potter is relieved to find your help...he needs to get back to his gazillion dollar movie career!
  21. Welcome, again, to our new member benefit, The Potters Council Mentoring Program. Link to PCMP We are here for you. Our ENTIRE goal is to connect folks and to bring together the expertise and the needed expertise, the answer-ers to the question-ers, the helpers to the helpees, the "I've arrived" with the "I wanna arrive"... you get the picture... So back to the subject at hand... Here is a Mentor request for Mentee #807: We have a hand building clay artist who is taking courses at a local community college. She is interested in having someone help her develop as a potter. She says she has the passion for pottery. Yeahhhh! Another clay addict! What is it with this clay material???? She is looking for suggestions with her artwork and her next steps. She enjoys texturing, sgraffito, carving, and fires in electric. If you can share your repertoire and your opinion in critiques to help this potter, we need you! Please apply HERE: http://www.surveymon...ntorapplication Mention Mentee #807, Helping the Hand Builder. If we have already found a match, please indicate if you are open to helping another similar person....Thank you for your consideration!!! We appreciate our Mentors!!!!
  22. We are officially introducing one of my favorites: Mentee Applicant #806 She is a new potter, taught by friend, without local resources for help with glaze chemistry. She is very interested in creating, honing her glazing and throwing skills, and eventually teaching children. Her plan is to collect the knowledge and share it again to complete the potter's circle. She is looking for a Mentor with knowledge and experience to guide her in learning and accomplishing her goals. She wants guidance on how to learn more about glaze formulation. She is requesting a 3-6 month, mid-range length of time, mentoring arrangement. Email and phone contact with Mentor. Please apply here: Mentor Application Thank you for offering your help! Long-live-the Potters Council!
  23. Welcome to the Potters Council Mentoring Program....we are the gang bringing our artists together. A fellow artist in Canada needs our help...she is seeking guidance from a mentor. Critiques, skills and techniques in hand building and alternative firings, and help formulating her artistic direction. She is at that point that we all hit as artists...the point when she really begins to hone in on her own style and voice. She is requesting a long-term mentoring relationship (6-12 months) to help her push forward in the next year. Are you a hand builder? Are you good at critiquing work and helping an artist move forward in their body of work? Are you feeling especially altruistic and want to take a moment every now and then for the next 6 to 12 months to help out another clay artist so you feel that warm, feel-good-for-giving feeling? We have the perfect solution! Please complete our Mentoring Application: Mentor Application Please note that you are interested in helping Mentee # 805, the Artist seeking Criticisms...I mean Critiques!
  24. Please consider helping Mentee #804, a Neil Patterson-ish & Steven Hill-ish artist. She is looking for help in learning new skills and techniques in clay (forming, finishing, and firing). Sculptor. She is in a new studio co-op. As an artist, she is trying to develop her own style and experimenting with wheel-thrown altered shapes...(hmmmm...sounds like a technique by clay master, Neil Patterson Website for Neil Patterson). She also requested help with spraying and dipping glazes....(hmmmm....sounds like a few Steven Hill skills needed Steven Hill's website). This is a short-term placement (less than 3 months). She has a big studio opening in the next two months, so I imagine she wants to review ideas soon to help her move forward. Thank you for your consideration! I know the perfect Mentor is out there...just let me know you are the one! Here is my email for additional information: Email me and here is the link for the Mentoring Application Mentor Application
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