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  1. This works slick and I have tried poking holes, crushing, geez you name it. This method is stupid easy, tidy, and I have a zillion 5 gallon buckets around anyways.
  2. I don't often feel the urge to make a teapot. This one was a gift for a friend and she says she uses it daily.
  3. At present I have 4 dogs. One Labrador, one Aussie, and two Irish Jacks. One of the Jacks belongs to my youngest son but she stays with us during the week. The dogs have a huge influence on all aspects of my life. I named my pottery business Naughty Dog Pottery as it seems someone here is always being naughty, including me. I am forever finding someone's hair in the reclaim bucket, including my own, and my dogs are the very best company. For the most part they seem to have grown out of the stage where I have to nail everything down or put it up out of reach, well except for the Aussie and he is well, an Aussie. We have matching attention spans. I have to keep reminding myself, no more puppies. The dogs move around the shop and in and out of the house when the weather is good, always keeping me company. I love my dogs.
  4. If you aren't invested in this person on some level, just say no. If for some reason you feel compelled to help this person I would charge them a flat rate of $100 for the firing. I would then write up a contract stating that he/she is responsible for any damage done to your kiln in the process of firing their piece up to, and including, the cost of replacing the kiln. Have them sign it and fire only their piece in the kiln.
  5. My personal trainer refers to what she trains me on as aerobic pilates so I think you could call your business Weights, Skates, & Butt Busting!!
  6. I was this with a gallery owner and she strongly encouraged me to continue to sign my work. She said her clients felt signed work (not stamped with a logo etc) with a legible name was more valuable and more of a keepsake. She said it also enables them to come back and ask for more of my work, so as much as I like the ease of stamping a board of mugs, now I take the time to sign as much as I can. I am definitely going to look into the iron oxide pen idea.
  7. While we did toss everyone overboard in one manner or another (plane, boat) we left a plaque affixed to a boulder to commemorate our dad. Personally I'm leaning toward being tossed to the breezes. I plan on coming back anyways as I am sure I still have some karma to work off, and I don't want to have my old ashes affixed to a broken piece of pottery or on a shelf in someone's storage unit who has no clue who I was. Or worse, have strangers dump me out because they have no clue who I was and are tired of the responsibility of watching over me and keeping me dusted.
  8. That link didn't work for me, but this one does: http://www.luciapottery.com/urns/urns_biodegradable.php There was a space at the end......... I am going for permanence, not biodegradable. I would not want to drop one of those green urns full of ashes. The ashes are quite heavy. What if someone knocks Dad off the mantel? TJR. The whole idea of the biodegradable urn is that it does break down quickly in the ground. Dust to dust, ashes to ashes and all that. The goal isn't to entomb the ashes for time eternal but to return the body to the earth.
  9. I struggle a bit with the whole death thing. I still have the ashes of one of my favorite dogs and just can't part with them; however, my dad was tossed from a plane asap, and my in laws were distributed at sea. Go figure right? So here is my present feelings on urns etc. I'm all about the urns as a temporary holding cell (?) until loved ones can let go, but I find adding ashes to glaze horrifying! I can't think of anything worse than having my ashes fused with glass for time eternal. And what if the piece of pottery my ashes were affixed to should break? Nope, I find the whole ashes/glazing creepy. BUT this idea I think is way cool! http://www.luciapottery.com/urns/urns_biodegradable.php
  10. I grew up surrounded by a sea of Debbies, Donnas, Susans etc so for years I was at odds with my name. Now I actually quite like my name and it was only enhanced by glomming onto my husband's last name. I seriously considered it for my business name, but being a diehard New Englander (we love our anonymity and protect it with a passion) I just couldn't get myself there, so I chose Naughty Dog Pottery. Dogs have always had a huge presence in my life and they keep me company in the studio. I also am constantly amused by their bad behavior and find myself using the phrase "naughty dogs" often throughout the day. When my dog dishes became popular it just seemed like the way to go.
  11. I was reading your post and thinking, crap all I use is a dull old pencil, I wonder what fancy pants tool he is talking about.
  12. I was struggling to find a way to say this and not sound negative. You did the job well.
  13. Well I obviously have no problem announcing my identity ^^^ see upper left corner, but now I've read about all the bad things that can happen on the interweb if someone uses their real identity, I will be going by Jane Doh from now on and as far as the challenge goes, well I'm hard at work on a life size sculpture of Superman. Hopefully I won't have a problem with shrinkage
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