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  1. I work from a garden studio which has electricity but no running water and have used big buckets for years. One thing you may find useful .... full buckets (of water, glaze, slip etc) are very heavy. I get round this by standing them all on casters - the wheeled garden pot bases you can get from garden centres are ideal, or you can make your own (I've both) so the buckets/bins can be moved around easily. This makes cleaning the studio so much easier as well. The very best of luck with your studio Christine
  2. Thank you for this fun topic ..... I'm with Pres - I would LOVE more space - and I was going to mention more warmth .... maybe a wood-burner? but then I've just read the replies to the "Freezing" topic and it made me realise how very lucky I am to be where I am - so thanks for that too! Christine
  3. My first "piece" was made forty years ago at my first adult pottery evening class ..... it was a pebble pot pig which I glazed with a glorious honey-coloured glaze with brown on top which gave a (sadly) unrepeatable but lovely finish! It still graces my studio. Thank you for this topic - it made me reminisce and gave me a nice feeling! Christine
  4. Reading through these posts, I find something to agree with in all of them, but the thing that jumped out for me was the critique about the handle being too big .... I had almost the exact experience with a teacher I didn't care for who kept on and on telling us, her class, what a professional she was. She too watched my working like a hawk but offered no advice or comment and when the work was finished - to my great disappointment - she then said she knew it would not turn out well whilst watching me make the "mistakes" I was floored! However, I will never, ever, try the same experi
  5. .... or you could try linotype lettering. I was lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time when an old Arcana printing press and several drawers of type were being skipped - a really valuable resource for me as there were lots of different typefaces and font sizes which means I can mix and match. I also had an old John Bull children's printing outfit which I use too - these are rubber (probably plastic nowadays) letters I'd love to see your results Thanks for an interesting post Christine
  6. Thanks very much for this concise and helpful reply, Neil, I too was under the impression that raku firing was required Christine
  7. Try this: http://www.paragonwe...ion_Manuals.cfm and scroll down - there's a section on Duncan kilns (pdf manuals) which might help. I don't think it would be too successful as a glass kiln though .... they really need elements in the lid. Hope this helps Christine
  8. It is a great thing .... my daughter and I involved our studio in the 2011 event. It is sponsored by the magazine, but they do include your studio details and brief description of your event (Open Studio/Workshops etc) for free on the internet with an option to be included in the Craft and Design Month edition of the magazine itself for a small fee .... or a much larger one for more space. We went for the free option (!!) and, although they weren't exactly beating down the doors to get in, we did have quite a few visitors to our open studio weekend who were "doing the rounds" of the events i
  9. I too work from a big shed which has a raised wooden floor. About fifteen years ago (when it was new) I covered the wooden floor with the foil/foam stuff you use under laminate flooring and then covered that with cushion-floor linoleum .... this meant I could cover the whole floor area with no joins, although I did have a bit left over down the side. The advantages of this type of flooring are (a) it's comfortable to stand on for long periods of time (b ) it's warm and ( c) (which is probably the most important one) it's very easy to wash down and keep clean. I keep heavy glaze and slip bu
  10. I have just bought one of those pod coffee machines - it makes wonderful cappuchino - so that's my guilty (but so nice) pleasure
  11. Sorry - I wanted to try and link this topic to a reply the the Old Lady topic about signing work .... but being an old lady myself, couldn't find out how to do it, so bringing this to the top of the list is the best \i can do! Christine
  12. Thank you so much for your generous post .... I've shown the photographs to my husband who's confident he can make a scaled-down version for me to use I love this forum - such lovely talented people Christine
  13. Thank you, Mark - just the sort of thing that makes me think "why didn't I think of that" - so simple and practical .... brilliant Christine
  14. I just realised I'd not seen any of your posts lately .... and then I thought that I rather miss them! Hope you're well and look forward to your return to the forum. Christine

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