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    Christian. Graphic designer. Like to cook, read, hike.
  1. Thanks, Mark, I was going to order some Darvan online, but thought if Epsom Salts works just as well, I can get it today and not S&H costs. I'll go ahead and order it.
  2. I have read posts and seen a c.a. video that say epsom salts can be used to deflocculate glaze. My question is can it be used to deflocculate casting slip also?
  3. I looked at your work on your profile page, very nice, Can you post the recipe for your bronze glaze? Do you fire it in an electric or gas kiln? I have an electric. What kind of clay do you use?
  4. About two years ago we tried the Saturation Gold, hoping to get some nice gold rims on mugs and bowls. After a few firings, we found we could not get a decent gold color, and certainly not the even gold that they show in their very small picture. Most of the saturation gold turned out black, or blackish, with an occasional goldish streak here and there. It was an interesting effect, but not the GOLD we were looking for. We use white stoneware fired to ^6 in an electric kiln. We also tried firing higher and lower, to no avail. I don’t know what the secret is, perhaps you would have better luck. Amaco makes another product, their "Rub 'n buff" Finishes that you can apply after firing. I tried the Antique gold on a pot rim, and it looked pretty good in low light, but in normal daylight it looked kinda cheap and "out of place" with the smoke finish of the pot. Holds up well, and could be sealed under polyurethane or another fixative. One of the other colors might work better. Thanks, I don't have time to "Experiment" alot, so I appreciate your input. I won't spend the money or the time trying the gold. for this fall's art fair.
  5. The clay I have used for these ornaments is a smooth white stone ware that I bisque fire to ^07 and glaze to ^6. Can I fire it at a lower cone, or do I need to use a low fire clay. I am VERY new at glazing and firing in my own kiln. I have been using the same clay and glazes from the public studio where, I learned, so everything is pretty much the same. I haven't done too much experimenting.
  6. I am looking for a ^6 gold metalic or white opalescent glaze for some Christmas ornaments I'm making. Amaco's Potters Choice line has a Saturation Gold, and 2 new ones called Light Sepia and Toasted Beige, That look like good possibilities But it's hard to see what they really look like from the little samples you can see online. Has anyone used these? OR Does anyone have a ^6 recipe for what I'm looking for (electric kiln).
  7. Try sitting on an exercise ball. They help you maintain a good posture and improve core muscle tone.
  8. Hello CKA! I noticed you'd visited my profile page today, so I thought I'd repay the favour! I'm far from being a Vermonter - I'm in England, but it's nice to find a fellow Christian on such a great community site. Kind regards - Christine

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    is this you?

  10. Beautiful, very elegant
  11. Beautiful Scrafitto work. What is the actual size of your pot? CKA
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