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  1. Hello, I am setting up my studio in an attached one-car garage.  In order to heat and cool the studio and provide some air-filtration, I want to open a vent to the house’s HVAC system and make an air return.  To trap silica particles and other studio dust from damaging HVAC unit, I plan to use a filter with a high MERV rating in the air return.  Any advice?  Thank you very much!

    1. Mark C.

      Mark C.

      I suggest not doing that.Use a portable heater or cooler and keep the studio space separate from home system

    2. Burki


      Thank you for your advice, Mark.  May you please explain your thinking about this?  The space has a garage door and only one window.  Hooking into the home system seems to be the easiest way to get some air filtering and climate control.  I really appreciate your response.  I am not going to be a high production potter, but having retired after 30+ years of teaching clay, I do want to continue making pots.  This weekend, I made my first set of mugs in the studio.  The lack of air movement made me what some type of flow.

    3. Min


      @Burki, you would probably get more replies to your question if you posted it in the Equipment Use and Repair forum rather than here in Status Updates. It also makes it easier to search for this topic in the future. This section of the forum is more for just general comments about what people have going on at the moment, rather than for specific questions. If you click on the link I put here that will take you to that section, just follow the prompts for posting a new topic.

      Welcome to the forum.

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