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  1. Thanks Nancy, @Rae Reich and @Pres ! It does appear to be a bat issue...although the sound of the motor isn't "consistent" (?). I assumed the new masonite bat(s) I bought were nearly perfect but nope. I've been closing my eyes during centering and that seems to help (so I don't get caught in the rhythm of the wobble - ha!). Regardless, I'm ordering new plastic bats this week. I also used some shelf liner per @liambesaw 's recommendation and that has helped a lot!
  2. Thank you Mark C., Oldmuddy and liambesaw! I appreciate all of the feedback. I’m definitely going to try the shelf liner. My shimpo is a “Lite” so it’s belt-driven and maybe I need a new belt...? Need to look into that as there’s some side-to-side motion going on.
  3. Stellaria, did you ever get a resolution to your wobbling problem? I bought a Shimpo Lite (used) and I'm having the same issue, even with new bats...and I've been at this for a while -- pretty darn sure it's not my throwing ability. Incredibly frustrating. Should've held out for a different wheel. Ugh!
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