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    Zwolle, Holland
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    Sports; Running,climbing,horse riding,windsurfing. Reading. Lampworking ( making glass beads at a torch)
    Christian. Playing a Board game with friends. I love animals bud I don’t own one anymore

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  1. Oy I had this happen with a botz glaze to, it was awful any idea why it happened ?
  2. 4901894A-C608-4E9C-A0D1-5BFDA1A8FFCD.jpeg

    1. Hulk


      Is that rutile green over off white clay?

  3. Yes bud that is also,I guess, because I am still a newbie and love to play with color..right now I have about 22 colors or more bud it can be a hassle so I understand if people just use one for a while and just dip everything in a big bucket..sounds so nice and easy :D
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