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  1. I've had a clay boss for 15 years and it's never let me down. Granted that was before creative industries became "speedball". I bought a second clay boss under speedball and it's been extremely reliable. They also come with a ten year warranty. I feel like it all comes down to preference.
  2. Happy to say my last cone 6 fire was a huge success! Thanks for all the input from everyone. Not sure if one or all of the recommendations did the trick, but all of my cones fell and everything came out great. Even this faux ash glaze I've been playing with turned out. ( I'll include a pic) I followed something similar to the schedule Sorc proposed and it ended up being 11 hours for everything to drop. Keeping the top cooler throughout the fire, putting a few larger pieces at the bottom, packing the top and overall taking more time. I also hard wired my boxes and got rid of th
  3. Thanks for the info! This sounds like a nice method, I have some underfired pots from a previous firing and I think I'll take a crack at this today. I know on high it's the top two elements, and medium is every other bottom element? I've been toying with them a bit. But all seem to glow properly/were placed properly. For an 06 the sitter has been falling around 6 hours, and for a 6 it's around 7 hours. Seemed too fast, ill be taking my time and seeing how the temps rise, placing larger pieces on the bottom and mugs on top. Is going a a kiln above my desired temp a good idea? I know p
  4. Thanks Neil - I haven't dove into a vent so far because that's my fear.. And also feels like something I can hopefully solve without one. I figure it just takes tinkering with pots in the kiln and getting to know this kiln better. I've had shelves propped up off the floor since I got it. And a pyrometer has been on my list, I will definitely get one. Also, I figure i'll try firing to cone 7, or 04-05 and see where that gets me.
  5. They're low, med, high switches. I've been doing all on low for 2 hours, then medium for 2 hours, and then high for 2 hours. I don't have a downdraft, which I know would improve the uneveness - but don't have the $600 to invest right now. Would turning my bottom and middle section to med/high before the top make a nice difference?
  6. I have a skutt 231 (a bit old) with newer elements and sitter has been calibrated, sensing rod looks fine. The whole kiln received maintenance before I purchased. Everything seems to operate well, the bars seem to melt properly, and shut off the kiln each time. But the kiln seems to fire hottest on top and gradually gets cooler as you move down. With my last cone 6 firing the top cone was bent a little past cone 6 where the bottom cone was not bent at all. I have a multimeter coming in the mail to test the elements, and i've been playing with the density of pots throughout the kiln
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