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  1. I am an 82 year old newbie and trying to learn as much as I can and bought an old large kiln that doesn't have a manufactures name or it didn't come with an owner's manual. I took a ceramics class from a ceramics studio/store last year and kind of learned some of the fundamentals and watch many hours of instructional videos and I am so glad I found this site to ask questions and the answers have been helpful. I also bought a used potter's wheel and a centering add on because I could not get the clay to center. My son built a stand for the wheel since I have trouble sitting on a low stool
  2. My grandkids made pinch pot piggy banks and wanted to paint them. I plan on having them use up some of my acrylic paint and understand that if I fired them to bisque they would not be as strong as firing them to maturity. Am I over thinking and should I just bisque fire them? Since the piggy banks will be having coins dropped in them and shaken they have to be pretty sturdy.
  3. The cones I purchased are Orton small cones about 1 1/4 long and I guess you need to separate them before using them. Should I buy bigger ones? They seem terribly stuck together I tried pulling a pair apart and they broke in the middle. Guess I need to pry them apart with a knife. Are these what you use in the sitter? And can they be used in a cone pack?
  4. Thanks. I am thinking you are saying to make a witness cone that is placed so I can see it through a peep hole. I guess that I should place a pyramidic cone is some clay and watch it until it bends. Should I keep one of the peep holes open or should I close them all and just remove a stopper to check the witness cone after a few hours? This is the first time I have bisque fired and everything that I will be firing has been drying for months but the witness cone clay will be the only thing that has moisture, I think . I have pyramidic cones .06 and 6 .The kiln has three peep holes. Wh
  5. Thanks, now can you tell me how to do a bisque fire. There is no manufactures name on the kiln and when I bought it used there was no manual. It has a cone sitter and from YouTube I have figured out how to use it. I think I know that I need to start the bisque process by leaving the peep holes open and the top cracked and then every couple hours start closing up the peep holes and lowering the top and then waiting for the cone setter do it's thing. Now my question is what should I set the dials at and then I am thinking PG&E is going to love me if I don't do it correctly. I know PG&am
  6. My grandkids and I made some pinch pot piggy banks and they want to paint them. Can we use acrylic paint instead of ceramic paints since I have a lot of acrylic paints left over from other projects? I have not bisque fired the banks yet and was hoping to just bisque fire them and not have to do an additional firing. The banks are very dry now.
  7. I have been given some kiln shelves and spacers that were wrapped in newspaper, then stored in plastic tub outside and the lid of the tub cracked and water got into the tub and was in there for months. When found everything was full of mold. I have dried all of the pieces in the sun but I think I need to clean them some how. How should I go about it?
  8. Thanks. I like the idea of making the screw on tops into frogs for flower arrangements. I have been making some smaller ones that just sit on the top of jars or glasses. I used a round cookie cutter, textured the clay and poked holes . They were fun to make and my friends loved them. Makes an inexpensive gift and a nice way to give a small bouquet of flowers or herbs. I like to make them as table decorations and also place settings that my guest take home.
  9. I have been watching a lot of Youtube videos that show how to make wooden covers that at glued onto the metal rings for Mason jars. I thought it might be a fun thing to do using clay. I know the clay will shrink when it is dried and baked in the kiln. Is there a mathamatical equation for the shrinkage?
  10. Can I make a pizza stone with the cone 6 clay?
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