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  1. Thank you. I enjoyed looking at your beautiful work on you r website. Are the mugs done with the slip decoration? They are so pretty.
  2. Can we just fire them to cone 6 and skip the bisque since we are not going to glace them?
  3. My adult grandson wants to make some planter pots and we were wondering if we should use terracotta clay or if we could use some of the clay I already have that fires to cone 6. I don't think he wants to glace the pots and he will probably make them using coils or maybe learn to throw them on the wheel.
  4. I have been playing around with needle felting and got to thinking I might be able to makes some really neat animals with clay using the same armatures that I use with the wool. I have been using 12 and 14 gauge aluminum wire. I have cone 6 clay.
  5. I some how did something wrong about the title..... What I wanted to ask should I under glace these yard art creatures?
  6. I am going to be making some gnome like creatures for my flower beds. I will be using some red clay cone 6.
  7. I am hoping I could just fire to 06 or 04 since they have to be able to wick water for the plants and if I fired them to 5 they wouldn't let out the water.
  8. I would like to make some olla pots for Christmas presents and was wondering if I should bisque fire them to cone .06 I have some cone 5 clay or would it be better to fire them at .o4? Just want to make sure the pots will work best.
  9. I did and also eye protection. I play with my clay outside and make sure the kids wear masks and eye protection too. We look like a bunch of aliens.
  10. I have several meat grinders and will just keep the one I used for the clay with my clay stuff. This old grinder is an old fashioned. I think iron, that is older than I am and was my mother's and probably her mother's. LOL.
  11. The other day I was grinding up some left over pot roast to make hash and got to thinking about reclaiming the many pieces of dried up clay and then the light went on. Why not grind up the broken pieces using my old fashioned hand crank meat grinder that I was using to recycle the pot roast and make tiny pieces of bone dry clay. So the next day I ground up some of the clay and soaked it up with some water and let it soak over night and then I dumped it out on a slab of plaster I made to dry clay on and in a couple of hours on the plaster slab the reclaimed clay was ready to be wedged. The c
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